Prom Limo Ban Irks Students Who Saved Up To Rent Them

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Posted on March 5, 2019
Teens love limos as part of the American prom tradition. ( image by Carla Lane)

Teens love limos as part of the American prom tradition. ( image by Carla Lane)

Lakeland Regional High School has banned limousines for prom on the basis that some students can’t afford to contribute to the cost of the luxury vehicles.

The decision has caused a serious stir in the Lakeland community. The rule was met with howls of complaints from students and parents who say renting a limo with friends is part of the tradition of the prom.

Many students had been raising money since freshman year by selling chocolate and holding clothing drives for the purpose of funding their prom limousines.

Breitbart News article here

New Jersey 101.5 article here

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  • Laura E. Flannery

     | about 12 months ago

    This is UNBELIEVEABLE! Did the school take into account the same business owners they are hurting? Many small operators depend on Proms for a good share of their revenue. What is OUR Industry doing? Where is the NLA on this?

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