El Paseo Limousine Wins LMC Circle Of Excellence Award

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Posted on February 22, 2019

El Paseo President James Brown

El Paseo President James Brown

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Santa Clara’s El Paseo Limousine has received the 4th Quarter 2018 LMC Group Circle of Excellence Award. El Paseo won the award for excellence in customer service.

El Paseo has been a leader in the San Francisco Bay Area ground transportation for over 30 years. It has grown and expanded its reach through acquisitions such as Classic Limousine and Le Grande Affaire.

With a desire to keep his team at the top of its game in both service and sales, El Paseo President James Brown engaged Amy Cooley and Christina Davis of the LMC Group to assess the company's customer service and sales skills and provide  training and incentives for improvement. Brown and his team have enthusiastically partnered in the process, from providing access to their recorded calls and hosting Cooley for two days of onsite training to collaborating with Davis on a pay-for-performance plan to provide ongoing incentives.

"Working with James and the El Paseo team has been truly rewarding and inspiring," said Cooley, LMC customer service consultant. "It has been a pleasure to watch them grow, to see and hear the team learning, implementing new ideas, and continually seeking their own growth and the growth of their business."

"James understands pay-for-performance plans don’t cost the company money," said Davis, the LMC director of human resources. "They make the company money by improving the performance of each individual through specialized incentive programs. The higher performing your staff is, the fewer mistakes they make. The increase in sales is an overall win for everyone."

By investing in strategic acquisitions, staff training, and incentive programs, El Paseo Limousine is building a strong foundation for continued growth and success in the future.

Source: LMC Group press release

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