NY Assemblyman Co-Sponsors Stretch Limousine Safety Act

Posted on February 13, 2019
Stretch limo (Photo: Wikimedia User Mr.choppers)

Stretch limo (Photo: Wikimedia User Mr.choppers)

The “Stretch Limousine Safety Act” would amend current transportation law to define what is considered a stretch limousine, require drivers to take a special stretch limousine safety training course, and enforce a minimum liability insurance coverage of $2 million. Additionally, it would require a sticker to be placed on the passenger door stating when the vehicle last passed inspection, or if it failed its last inspection, that it than cannot transport passengers.

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  • Michael Rosenthal

     | about 9 months ago

    Ridiculous... let's put a sticker on back door (great for cosmetics) because the legal one on the windshield must be invisible?? 28 years in business, always by the book, with 55 employees and we've always done fine training our staff. If New York would put half the time into "enforcing the existing laws" that they're spending trying to create new ones for legitimate operators... that would be amazing. I'm all for proper insurance and tougher penalties and jail time for illegal operators... but they're spending 0 time on getting these "under the radar" illegal companies off the road. Wait until the 1st fatal Uber ride happens in Upstate New York, where For Hire Insurance was bypassed along with everything else... that'll probably be our fault as well... Cuomo has absolutely no clue what he's doing!!

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