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Posted on February 6, 2019
Amir Zafar, founder and President of GRiDD Technologies' GNet transportation network platform. (LCT file photo)

Amir Zafar, founder and President of GRiDD Technologies' GNet transportation network platform. (LCT file photo)

DALLAS --- GRiDD Technologies transportation network (GNet) and Limo Anywhere's worldwide driver affiliate network (DANet) are teaming up to provide a powerful new tool for ground transportation companies to make reservations and find near-demand rides across multiple software platforms.

As a result of this integration, companies using industry dispatch systems such as FASTTRAK, Hudson Group, LimuERP, LimoConnect, and Livery Coach can now connect to DANet through GNet and receive immediate pricing and availability, emailed reservations, all status updates during the ride, and billing within 24 hours of finished rides.

Until now, only Limo Anywhere users could participate in the network, but with DANet’s integration with GNet, most operators will have access even if they don’t use Limo Anywhere.

GNet Expands Tech-Driven Affiliate Reach

The partnership is a major step forward for GNet, considered the industry's most viable neutral platform to create a wide on/near demand network of legal, licensed, luxury chauffeured vehicles.

"This is huge. The industry just opened itself up again by one more big notch," GNet's founder and President, Amir Zafar, told LCT on Feb. 6. "With our neutral platform, users can distribute and receive rides without having to belong to our brand. It is important that everyone can keep their brand."

GNet so far has directly signed up 890 transportation providers, comprising a fleet network of about 15,000 vehicles across five continents. DANet, which claims to be the world's first and only standards-oriented, quality-controlled ground transportation affiliate network, provides access to a global network with 25,000+ vehicles in more than 400 major markets with chauffeurs who are vetted, screened, and insured. The new partnership now boosts the total vehicle count to about 40,000, Zafar said.

"GNet can farm out to Limo Anywhere and GroundLink, and we have the technical capability to give exact reverse direction service in the same way," Zafar told LCT. "Everyone wants to see how it works, and once it works well, all sides will look at the next steps that are appropriate to take."

[Limo Anywhere and GroundLink are owned by Waltham, Mass.-based Marcou Transporation Group, a conglomerate that also owns the Dav El / BostonCoach Chauffeured Transportation Network].

Partnership Boosts DANet's Client Business

This partnership is an integral part of DANet's mission to offer the best ground transportation affiliate network, said George Tadros, director of business logistics for DANet, in the Feb. 6 press release. "At DANet, we offer our clients guaranteed on-time service, and our dispatch team follows up on every ride to ensure a seamless execution. DANet helps operators expand their business by enabling them to accommodate all their clients’ ground travel needs. GNet clients can get instant quotes and supply availability, book rides, get status updates and GPS locations, and receive final billing in one day."

GNet is a communications and translation platform that expands the visibility of ground transportation providers by connecting their disparate technologies. With GNet, operators get real-time connectivity and vehicle locations as well as cross-mobile app capabilities which show partner vehicles, even if the partner uses a different software program. Ground transportation companies can greatly expand their reach with the visibility and flexibility GNet offers.

In the press release, Zafar explained the reasoning behind the integration with DANet: "One of the primary tenets of GNet is to function as a completely open system, providing seamless connectivity between affiliate networks and technology platforms used by transportation providers. Adding connectivity between GNet and DANet further simplifies the ability for members of each network to send and receive reservations seamlessly to serve their clients efficiently whenever and wherever they travel. Collaboration between transportation providers, as well as technology suppliers, is crucial to competing in today’s environment."

Zafar told LCT discussions between DANet and GNet started in earnest about six months ago following a lull after GRiDD first started testing its system with GroundLink's API in 2016. “We’re excited DANet is connected and we definitely want to explore expanding the options of the industry so they never say no to their clients.”

Limo Anywhere President Sean Arena. (LCT file photo)

Limo Anywhere President Sean Arena. (LCT file photo)

Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere, explained in the release why GRiDD/GNet was chosen to expand access to DANet: "As one of the largest vetted affiliate networks in the industry, with coverage in over 400 markets, DANet is constantly evaluating new ways to make it easier for transportation companies to seamlessly connect to our network. Integration with GRiDD expands accessibility and enhances automation with operators not connected to us via other means."

DANet said it will continue to increase access to its growing worldwide network of ground transportation affiliates, providing operators with a safe, seamless way to grow their businesses.

Sources: DANet press release; Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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