Local Companies Dispute Possible NY Stretch Ban

Posted on January 23, 2019
Should stretch limos no longer exist in fleets? (Photo via Pixabay user anaterate)

Should stretch limos no longer exist in fleets? (Photo via Pixabay user anaterate)

“The industry is dead if you ban all (stretch) limos,” said Fred Visconti, owner of Visconti Limousines in Newburgh. “The answer is (to) better enforce the regulations we have already, and make companies follow the engineering standards we already have.”

Muhammad Khan, co-owner and manager of Majestic Transportation Services in Monroe, said state lawmakers shouldn’t punish good limo operators, who diligently get inspections and remove unsafe vehicles from the road.

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  • James R.

     | about 2 years ago

    I couldn't agree more. We operate a large stretch limo service, and we have the best reputation possible in our city, and strive to the fullest extent to keep everyone safe, by maintaining our fleet and keeping regular maintenance schedules. We check every vehicle every single week. Just because a vehicle is stretched does not make it less safe on the road than any other vehicle. Just like with other laws in our country where certain lawmakers want to make additional changes and regulations, they should first look to see whether current laws are being enforced (many times they are not), because new laws only hurt those who are following the already existing rules! We exist to fulfill a demand in the market. Don't push us out with new regulations. Things are already difficult enough for legal operators.

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