Connecticut Operator Reaches Out To Employees Sunk By Fed Shutdown

Lexi Tucker
Posted on January 18, 2019

WEST HAVEN, Conn. — As many government employees wait out the longest shutdown in U.S. history without a paycheck to support themselves and/or their families, one operator is looking to do what he can to make a difference.

Matthew Levine, owner of Hy’s Limousine Worldwide Transportation, is offering all federal workers struggling to pay their bills a chance to apply for a part-time position at his company to help ease the transition.

Many positions are open for applicants who meet various requirements, Levine says. As long as the applicant has proper licensing, chauffeuring may be a good fit. They also offer garage, detailing, and office positions such as reservations, accounting, and dispatch.

“We want to match them based on the qualifications they already have,” Levine says. “We are always hiring, so this situation works into our normal operations. We just wanted to get the word out to those who need it most.”

He says the company isn’t looking for any sort of long-term commitment, but applicants may be surprised to discover they enjoy the work.

“Once things return to normal, the nice part is much of this can still be done on a part-time basis, so they can continue to do it on nights and weekends if they’d like.” Even if they would be able to work fewer hours, Hy’s is open 24/7, so they could take hours that fit with company schedules.

Outreach to furloughed employees started the week of Jan. 14, and Levine says if he can help just one person, it’s worth it. “I don’t think anyone thought this would last as long as it has. Sadly, it’s a situation [government employees] have no control over.

“After seeing everything on the news, we were just trying to figure out a way to help. You see a lot of places donating things and restaurants opening for free meals, and we wanted to do something similar.”

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Lexi Tucker Senior Editor
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