Lincoln Continental Gets A Six-Inch Stretch

Posted on December 24, 2018
Lincoln Continental (Photo: Lincoln)

Lincoln Continental (Photo: Lincoln)

The cars start as top of the line Black Label trim Continentals and are modified by limousine specialist Cabot Coach of Haverhill, Mass., also known as Royale Limousine Manufacturers, with a wheelbase stretched six inches that also improves rear seat legroom.

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  • Brian Libin

     | about 2 years ago

    Da Bryan has ceased to do business building limousines. Accubuilt is the company that now owns the Da Bryan name. Not likely that they will resurrect it. Their last attempt at a luxury limousine was in 2013 on an MKT chassis. They failed and they won't be coming back anytime soon. Funeral cars are their forte and that's what they continue to build. Besides, their Continental stretch was never approved by Lincoln QVM. If you miss the 80s limousines, that is what you will have to buy. Modern platforms are not body on frame and the level of electronics and safety innovations make an old Town Car look like it was from the 20th century. That's where they belong.

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