Industry Members Halt TNC Support In Resort Town

Lexi Tucker
Posted on December 19, 2018
Jason Ramsey, president of the Colorado Limousine Association (CLA) and Prestige Worldwide Transportation

Jason Ramsey, president of the Colorado Limousine Association (CLA) and Prestige Worldwide Transportation

[UPDATE: This story was updated with facts and a quote from a representative from the City of Aspen at 11:40am on 12/19/2018]

ASPEN, Colo. — Jason Ramsey, president of the Colorado Limousine Association (CLA) and Prestige Worldwide Transportation, attended a City of Aspen town council meeting on Dec. 10 in which the council was all but decided to vote yes on a bill that would have subsidized ride-hail services in a partnership exclusive to Lyft, costing taxpayers an amount that wouldn't exceed $800,000 for a 90 day experiment. Ashley Perl, Climate Action Manager for the City of Aspen, stated this amount is below other estimates from other providers of the same services.

In a room packed with taxi and limousine owners united to stop the bill, each laid out what to expect from such a partnership. In the end, the contract was pulled from consideration with no vote according to Perl. "We won’t be working with Lyft moving forward. When faced with community pushback, the City Council decided to take the project in a different direction," she said.

“With the help of Mecelle Wowas-Cappel of Elite Transportation, we were able to get many taxi and limousine company owners to show up to the meeting to denounce the mayor's movement to partner with Lyft in an initiative referred to as SHIFT,” Ramsey said. “A vast number of people who spoke to the council were local business owners who would be put out of business had the council approved the bill.

“This was a victory for not only Colorado operators and the CLA, but for our industry as a whole,” he added. “Aspen is a popular tourist destination that serves a clientele privy to chauffeured service. In addition, there are limited transportation options in the area.” There are only two small airports within two hours, and the nearest major international airport is more than four hours away with only one road leading in and out of the mountain town, Ramsey said.

“Affiliates across the globe send passengers to Aspen. Colorado operators weren't only fighting for their rights, but for everyone’s. This experience proves when we represent the industry as a united force armed with proper information regarding the dangers TNC subsidization would have posed to the local community (both businesses and traffic congestion), there is hope for other similar metros to limit the growth of TNCs in their own homes as well using this experience as reference.”

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  • Theresa

     | about 2 years ago

    Congratulations on a battle well fought and won. Colorado is fortunate to have a strong State Association willing to show up & support the members that service The City of Aspen. Merry Christmas and Lots of Profits to you in the New Year.

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