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Lexi Tucker
Posted on December 5, 2018

Operator Mike Barreto using the "catch box" at last year's LAB Live to ask a question. (Photo: Blake Russell)
Operator Mike Barreto using the "catch box" at last year's LAB Live to ask a question. (Photo: Blake Russell)
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It’s no secret the industry has multiple events planned throughout the year. Not many can attend each one, but Bill Faeth’s LAB Live, the fourth largest industry event, should definitely be on everyone’s short list. “Speakers” are swapped out for “special guests,” and the overall format is switched up from PowerPoint lecture to open forum, where the discussion revolves around audience questions asked through a “catch box” (see above photo).

{LAB} Live 2019 is a two-day event held Jan. 21-22 in Nashville, Tenn. inside the Bridgestone Arena. Every session will be held in one room, so there’s no need to fear you’ll miss out on any one special guest.

“It’s important to note none of these people are being paid; they are coming because of the personal relationship they have formed with me,” Faeth explains. This goes to show the unofficial topic of last year’s event, relationships, isn’t just a hackneyed buzzword. “People in this audience don’t typically get access to the kinds of people they’ll be introduced to at LAB Live.”

One Impressive Line Up

Tim Rose
Tim Rose
The only guest specifically from the luxury ground transportation industry will be Tim Rose, chairman of the Addison Lee Group North America and former CEO of Flyte Tyme Worldwide Transportation in Mahwah, N.J.

“How many people in the last two years have been able to sit down with [Rose] and ask questions that pertain to them? These people want to know how he went from him and his brother having two vehicles to building Flyte Tyme to a $100 million company and then selling to Addison Lee. They are finally going to get to ask these questions — I wanted to have someone who hasn’t been as accessible, and the same concept applies to everyone coming up on stage.”

Dave Delaney
Dave Delaney
First up will be Dave Delaney, a marketing communications professional specializing in digital marketing and corporate communication through improv workshops. He travels North America talking about how to improve your professional communication skills with employees, clients, and prospects. His message will tie into the next special guest.

Behavior analyst and body language expert Scott Rouse will help operators understand what client reactions will be in the middle of any presentation or discussion based on their body language. To see an example, watch his TEDx talk here.

Scott Rouse
Scott Rouse
Sam Mallikarjunan, one of the best digital marketers in the game today, will teach attendees what he’s taught Fortune 100 companies at Harvard about reputation management and why it’s important to the luxury transportation industry. “It’s the one thing we can crush Uber and Lyft on; this goes for all fronts, not just digital. You can go to an executive class for anywhere between $9,000 and $13,000 for five days at Harvard, but you’ll get the same with Sam at LAB Live,” says Faeth. Having formerly worked for Faeth, Mallikarjunan understands the industry and will tailor his knowledge to reach operators on a level they can relate to.

Sam Mallikarjunan
Sam Mallikarjunan
Tod Roadarmel, director of sales and marketing for Omni Hotels & Resorts, will discuss how he sells and markets to major accounts and will help operators understand what these companies are looking for (hint: it’s not about price, but value). If you’ve ever wondered how you get to a major hotel general manager, this will be a must-attend session.

More special guests have yet to be announced, but keep an eye out here for updates.

LCT will also be sponsoring the event this year. Publisher Sara Eastwood-Richardson says, “Bill Faeth put on one heck of an event in 2018 with more than 150 attendees. This coming year, LAB Live is positioned in January when more operators are available. In fact, attendance has already exceeded expectations. LCT is a proud sponsor and extremely excited to play co-host to an event at the famous Bridgestone Arena. The Lexus Lounge, where the

Tod Roadarmel
Tod Roadarmel
sessions will take place, is one of the coolest venues I’ve ever seen. The monster video wall and crazy sound system will make for high impact like never before experienced. The lineup of thought leaders from Fortune 100 companies will be awesome. I encourage all my industry friends to come. We cannot wait to see you there!”

In addition to these sessions, operators who purchase a VIP or Ambassador pass will have access to the Title Sponsor Grech Motors VIP lounge, which will feature breakout sessions in between each special guest. These will be 30 minute breakouts where operators will be able to ask questions in small, private groups.

Everyone with a general admission pass will be able to mingle with sponsors and attendees in a total of 180 minutes of structured networking time. “We’re going to teach them how to do it the right way, so everyone will get a chance to meet everyone else.”

Purchase your ticket today. There were only 58 spots left as of Nov. 27.

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