10 Reasons The Kia K900 Is A Better Luxury Sedan

Posted on December 3, 2018
2019 K900 (Photo: Kia)

2019 K900 (Photo: Kia)

The odds of seeing a second-generation Kia K900 on U.S. roads are nearly as slim as winning the Powerball or being personally serenaded by Mariah Carey on Christmas Eve. Even the first-gen car wasn’t exactly a common sight after a number of years on sale — so Eleonor Segura of Automobile magazine was happy to snatch the keys to a 2019 K900 for an extended, two-night meet and greet. Once she opened the long doors and peered inside the VIP Package–equipped example, it was clear it represented a huge improvement over its predecessor in terms of finish and features.

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