Uber, Orlando Taxi Service Join Forces

Posted on November 27, 2018
In Orlando, it's now the same price. (Flickr.com photo)

In Orlando, it's now the same price. (Flickr.com photo)

It seemed like an unimaginable proposition: The country’s ride-sharing giant, Uber, and one of the Southeast’s largest taxi companies, Mears Transportation, joining forces to form the first-ever partnership between such direct competitors in the United States.

Yet, over the past several months, the former foes turned friends have managed to do just that, starting Nov. 28.

When Central Florida users open their Uber apps, they’ll see another option: UberBlack. The luxury service, which already exists in other markets in the U.S. and was once available at the Orlando airport, will have the distinction in Central Florida of also using mostly Mears’ fleet of 230 luxury SUVs and sedans.

Orlando Sentinel article here

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  • Mike

     | about 2 years ago

    So ok ok both have decided to try an use each other if all else fails. On one hand mears get the exposure they will need to level up. And if all else fails Uber will become a regulated taxi service. 🤔 #ipo ?

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