Oregon Operator Adapts Business To Family Values

Lexi Tucker
Posted on October 24, 2018

Keri Kunz, event specialist for Lucky Limousine and Towncar Service

Keri Kunz, event specialist for Lucky Limousine and Towncar Service

PORTLAND, Ore. — Keri Kunz, event specialist for Lucky Limousine and Towncar Service, remembers coming into the office to hang out with her father while he was working at the company when she was just a high schooler.

Ron Killough, the owner, treated her like his own daughter, which left a unique impression on her that one can only find with a family owned business.

After she moved away for a few years to grow on her own, she returned to the business she loved and has been working there for eight years.

Morals Matter

Bringing in structure and eliminating chaos, all while maintaining the values of being a family owned business, has been a challenge as the company has started to move toward more corporate work.

“We’re balancing every day, and never stop learning. You never have the same day twice, and you’re always tweaking things for the client to make the entire experience very special,” she explains.

Founded in November 2000 with one limousine and a few Town Cars, the business is now open 24/7 with the help of 45 employees. “We stand out because we are one unit with no independent contractors. This ensures the whole process of booking a vehicle is professional from start to finish — from the time you place your order until your ride is complete. We follow the ABCs of Lucky Transportation: Anticipate the need, believe in the mission, and commit to the excellence.”

Some of Lucky's fleet vehicles.

Some of Lucky's fleet vehicles.

Education Leads To Growth

Always doing what is right for the client has helped the company grow to a fleet of 35 vehicles, including sedans, Sprinters, executive vans, SUVs, stretch limos, and mini-coaches. A motorcoach is in the works, but for now the business has close ties to affiliates who help them out when a bus that large is needed.

While much of its work falls into the corporate realm, it still serves many regular retail clients. “We’ve been doing a lot of group and event work lately, which is good because it makes us more diverse — we’re a one stop shop for just about any need.”

An inside look at one of Lucky's fleet vehicles.

An inside look at one of Lucky's fleet vehicles.

In the future, Lucky plans to upgrade its technology. Kunz believes it’s important to remain at the forefront of technology in a time when apps are being built to make things as easy for clients as possible. She says you can always find ways to improve your business, so you should never pass up the opportunity to take classes, learn from other companies, and research.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is many people have been afraid to ask questions or ask other companies for advice because they are afraid to give away secrets, but a lot of people are willing to help and guide you because they’ve been doing it for so long.”

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