Uber Now Wants All Drivers To Pay For Congestion It Causes

Posted on October 17, 2018
(Creative Commons image from Alpha Stock Images)

(Creative Commons image from Alpha Stock Images)

Uber says it plans to spend money lobbying for congestion pricing in Seattle as part of a $10 million push for “sustainable mobility” policies in various cities.

The companies would prefer that local governments impose tolls, which can easily be passed on, than adopt caps specific to ridehail vehicles. Ridehail companies want to put as many of their drivers on the road as they deem necessary and would rather see cities adopt tolls than put caps on ride-hail vehicles. The companies also have apps that can easily account for congestion pricing.

Alhough several foreign cities use congestion-pricing setups to reduce car travel in busy areas at busy times, no American city has a widespread tolling system.

Seattle Times article here

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  • Alan

     | about 2 years ago

    I concur with Anthony. LAX is a nightmare since permitting rideshare companies access. It's exponentially compounded by the low IQs of these drivers who lack in every aspect.

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