Limo Anywhere Releases Bus Anywhere Software

Posted on October 10, 2018
Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere

Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere

DALLAS, Texas — In response to growing numbers of users who provide bus and shuttle transportation, Limo Anywhere, in concert with the company’s strategic partner, jointly released Bus Anywhere, an integrated add-on that will allow operators to use the software to manage their bus/motorcoach trips. President Andy Norman explained how the product was developed:

“We collaborated with several Limo Anywhere customers who currently run bus/motorcoach operations to identify a comprehensive set of requirements for Bus Anywhere. This new solution, which includes a robust quote-to-reservation management module, enhanced multi-passenger, multi-day/week reservation capabilities, and a highly sophisticated pricing engine, will help solve many operational problems our customers face in the bus/motorcoach business.”    

With Bus Anywhere, users can easily book trips over multiple days or weeks. Bus Anywhere also offers flexible rate pricing, an online booking portal, and an intuitive quote system. The state-of-the-art add-on is completely integrated into the user’s existing Limo Anywhere program, and will allow operators to expand their services to shuttle contracts, group charters, corporate events, airport/cruise transfers, and school charters.

In addition to Bus Anywhere, Limo Anywhere is bolstering the company’s mobile portfolio with a series of upgrades and enhancements to its driver app, Driver Anywhere. At its core, the app allows drivers to view their assigned trips and receive up-to-date information about any changes. Dispatchers can also track trips live.

The upcoming version of Driver Anywhere boasts a new and improved user interface loaded with advanced features, such as detailed driver profiles, improved greeting signs, expanded driver workflow, trip rate details breakdown, and a communication link between drivers, customers, and dispatch. Limo Anywhere also teamed up with Square and Century Business Solutions to provide two credit card swiping options within the app. The app is free and included with all Limo Anywhere packages.

Lastly, Limo Anywhere has built an entirely new reporting and analytics platform for its users. Historically, the company’s software offered preset designed reports for users across multiple categories. In response to customer requests, LA has expanded its platform to allow users to build, organize, and arrange their own custom reports. They can modify reports by using filters and deleting or adding columns and arranging them in the order most helpful to them. Once users design their reports, they can save the new formats and view them whenever they want, with up-to-date data to make decisions about their business. The reports compile a wide range of information from trips, invoices, accounts, drivers, vehicles, payments, and payroll. The new advanced reporting and analytics module is also free to Limo Anywhere customers.

Sean Arena, president of Limo Anywhere, believes this is a critical advancement and a natural addition to the company’s portfolio of solutions. “Enabling customers to quickly glean advanced insights into their business in a user-friendly manner should be a core expectation of any SaaS-based company. In addition, our customers face a growing need to provide more frequent and tailored reports for their downline clients. The new reporting and analytics module was built with flexibility, extendibility, and efficiency top of mind.”

Source: Limo Anywhere press release

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