Uber Steps Up PR For Labor Ruling Appeal

Posted on October 10, 2018
Are Uber drivers happy? Uber says so. (Photo: Unsplash user Dan Gold)
Are Uber drivers happy? Uber says so. (Photo: Unsplash user Dan Gold)

Entitled “Uber Happy? Work and Well-being in the Gig Economy,” the 54-page deep dive was co-authored by University of Oxford fellows Thor Berger and economist Carl Benedikt Frey, and by Guy Levin, Uber’s public policy manager, and Santosh Rao Danda, one of its research scientists.

Uber is set to appeal a court ruling that its drivers should be entitled to benefits, including overtime and paid vacation. The court is expected to hear Uber’s arguments in October.

Bloomberg Technology article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 4 months ago

    Uber has been toxic since 2009 Uber jets failed- no private jet owner was willing to let random people fly in their million dollar jet for pennies on the dollar... the planes flew back to their base empty. Uber lease failed- a fine example of complete business failure to run a simple vehicle lease Uber china- failed when the competition took to the cities.. uber sold their platform for worthless shares 2017 texas female passenger was 24 when her uber driver ran a red light and she is now PARALIZED..uber refused to pay her medical bills saying they are a tech app. Dec 2017 british female embassy employee was murdered by her uber driver in lebanon... of all places they should have done a criminal backround check... they would have seen his long crininal past. Taking an uber is simply a russian roullette... too many things can go wrong

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