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Lexi Tucker
Posted on October 3, 2018

(l to r) Frank Lacks Jr., a US Army veteran, and his wife, Uli Lacks from Augsburg, Germany are co-owners of PFC Transportation.

(l to r) Frank Lacks Jr., a US Army veteran, and his wife, Uli Lacks from Augsburg, Germany are co-owners of PFC Transportation.

AURORA, Colo. — Frank Lacks, co-owner of Private First Class Transportation (PFC), first got a taste for chauffeuring the elite in the U.S. Army, where he drove high-profile military officers. He carried this desire to provide impeccable service into his civilian life and has since maintained his business in tough times brought about by the TNCs.

On Time Is Late

Lacks has a guarantee of being on location 15 minutes in advance of his clients’ actual reservation time. He takes being prompt seriously — “If the car’s not on location at that time, the chauffer is considered late,” he says. Timeliness is top priority, but so is making sure his clients receive nothing but the best. He includes soft peppermint candies, a daily newspaper, and Fiji or Voss artesian water to make a great impression on the client, whether they are using PFC for the first time or if they are already a loyal client.

He first learned the importance of being precise and understanding terms of art early on when a chauffeur mistakenly thought a client wanted a point to point when they actually needed an hourly. The vehicle was late getting to the location to pick the client back up, and this taught Lacks how vital it was to make industry terms clear.

“What you say, someone else in the business might not understand. You have to follow through by dotting your Is and crossing your Ts. If that means looking over a reservation five to 10 times, you need to do it.”

Lacks is a US Army Veteran

Lacks is a US Army Veteran

Making His Own Way

Lacks started his company in 2011 after he saw demand for his particular brand of service while working for a different luxury transportation company. He bought a 2008 Lincoln Navigator as his first vehicle for $46,000, and word of mouth and affiliate work helped boost his business.

From there, he’s used social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as Google to actively answer any and all questions potential clients might have. He also credits his success to knowing his clients’ needs and surrounding himself with a team that knows how to provide excellent customer service.

Staying Afloat

Lacks has survived in the industry and strengthened his business for the last seven years despite the onslaught from TNCs like Uber and Lyft. “We know a lot of people are switching from luxury service to TNCs, but we believe following through on a consistent basis builds trust,” he says. “If our clients trust in our service, we keep them; that’s our motto, and it’s as simple as that.”

The company has clients who have been with them from the start, and Lacks attributes such loyalty to his company’s top goal of easing clients’ stress. “They deal with enough in their daily lives and when they are trying to catch a flight, the last thing you want them to do is worry.”

One of the best investments Lacks has ever made was in PAX Chauffeur Training. “You think you know everything, but there’s so much more to learn and improve on. It goes a long way with the client, and is a huge selling point against Uber and Lyft.”

He’s also involved in the Colorado Limousine Association and believes it’s a reliable way to remain active in the industry and stay updated. In the future, he looks to further growth and succeed with military style readiness and proficiency in everything he does.

Just For Fun: Lacks enjoys cooking and barbequing with his family. He used to be a chef and baker, so moving from the hospitality and customer service industry to the world of luxury transportation has been an easy transition.

FAST FACTS: Private First Class Transportation 

Location: Aurora, Colo.

Owners: Frank Lacks Jr., a US Army veteran, and his wife, Uli Lacks from Augsburg, Germany

Founded: 2011

Vehicle Type: 2017 Chevrolet Suburban

Fleet Size: 1

Employees: 2

Website: http://www.pfctransportation.com/

Phone: (720) 427-3226

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  • john michael

     | about 2 years ago

    Frank is truely one of us, personal service to the core. And PAX training, I can agree with, it is great! Keep the good service going and roll on.

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