3 Ways Customer Service Affects Your Brand Value

Posted on October 3, 2018
When he gets off the phone, will he rave or rant about your customer service? (Photo via Pexel user Burst)

When he gets off the phone, will he rave or rant about your customer service? (Photo via Pexel user Burst)

When a customer has a bad experience, you can be sure their friends, families, and colleagues will know about it faster than ever thanks to the power of the internet. But this doesn’t seem to have slowed the trend of undervaluing customer service in planning and budgets.

Customer service is dangerous to undervalue, because bad experiences undermine brands, sometimes in irrecoverable ways. So before you cut costs by cutting through the customer service budget, think about these three ways the quality of customer service affects the value of your brand.

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  • Anthony

     | about 2 years ago

    Great article !!!!! A few weeks ago at the dodger country concert, there was a big issue with some sprinters and their a/c not working according to those customers complaining as they got out of the vehicles with other chauffeurs able to listen to their complaints..... the reason this happened was these sprinters were not the qvm sprinters we are all used to seing or renting but sprinters that were made in someones chop shop. These vehicles did not have a/c events on any part of the rear limo area!!!!! This is not acceptable and really hurts our industry !!!!!! Now anyone in los angeles needs to send their company rep to visually inspect the sprinters that operators say they have to make sure they are QVM vehicles. I can only imagine the customers facebook posts about their horrible night!!!!! Thank you 2 fellows that dont care about customer service, your destroying the sprinter industry sigle handed

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