How AI Is Changing Customer Service Forever

Posted on September 19, 2018
Make things easy on your clients by tapping into the power of AI.

Make things easy on your clients by tapping into the power of AI.

CRM technology witnessed a warm welcome (meaning multimillion dollar investments) by enterprises because it promised automation in customer service. Artificial intelligence takes things a few notches ahead, because it blends “intelligence” and “automation,” putting customer service on autopilot.

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  • Vanessa O'Brien

     | about 12 months ago

    Hey, this post develops a better understanding of how AI Is Changing Customer Service! The business has evolved a lot and a new emerging trend of business has developed. Companies with better strategy and innovative products are trying to capture the market. Companies or industries which implement AI applications are going to become more diverse and can handle multiple works effectively. AI implementation in customer service will help to obtain competitive advantages. You can refer these links for a better understanding. https://www.navedas.com/ai-is-changing-customer-service-forever-for-the-better/ https://www.marktechpost.com/2019/05/18/how-ai-machine-learning-are-changing-the-future-of-customer-service-forever/

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