How Always Being Flexible Makes Your Company Excel

Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 12, 2018

(l to r) George Georgiev, Iliyana Zecheva, and Stefan Kisiov

(l to r) George Georgiev, Iliyana Zecheva, and Stefan Kisiov

PARK RIDGE, Ill. — Iliyana Zecheva, account manager for K&G Coach Line Inc., started out in the hospitality sector, but felt she needed a career change. She knew the owners of K&G before starting at the company, and thought she’d be able to seamlessly make the transition from the hospitality industry to event transportation. Since coming aboard, she’s learned while the size of the vehicles she handles may change, consistent levels of service should not.

Keys To Growth

A pillar of this industry’s reputation rests on being flexible in accommodating any and all client needs. Having professional, reliable chauffeurs coupled with the efforts of a dedicated service team has fueled the company’s successful growth in the bus industry.

Being patient and dependable will also get you far. “You have to be able to provide solutions and solve any issues directly with the people who have been affected. They just want to know you care about their needs,” she says.

As a female in a male-dominated industry, she believes women bring some unique edges to the business. “In general, women are strong innovators. We offer a precise, detail-oriented perspective. That plays extremely well into day-to-day operations, and creates highly efficient executives. I think this industry has many opportunities for young women looking for something to grow in; it’s very demanding and intense, but also very rewarding.”

The company has a large fleet of buses of all sizes.

The company has a large fleet of buses of all sizes.

Small To Big

The company was founded in 2013 by partners George Georgiev and Stefan Kisiov. Before they created K&G Coach Line Inc., they had a combined experience of more than 30 years in the limousine business with traditional sedan, SUV, and van service. They moved into minicoaches and then jumped to motorcoaches. They felt it would be the natural progression for their business and have seen good growth since.

Zecheva believes the defining characteristic of the company has been the hands-on approach from its ownership and dedicated staff. As with all true luxury transportation companies, customer satisfaction is priority one. “We try to give 110% when taking care of our affiliates. We want to maintain those relationships because they are hard to build and very easy to lose,” she says.

To create new relationships, she attended the 2018 Greater Business Travel Association Convention in San Diego, Calif., last month and enjoyed broadening her perspective on the business travel world. “I loved the seminars and learned a lot in regards to personal and career development. It was great meeting so many professionals in fields that can’t survive without one another.”

Iliyana Zecheva, account manager for K&G Coach Line Inc.

Iliyana Zecheva, account manager for K&G Coach Line Inc.

Growth Goals

The company’s fleet is comprised of 28 vehicles. This includes MCI motorocoaches, Grech minicoaches, Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, and Ford Transit vans, and Lincoln Navigator SUVs. The business handles transportation for both corporate and retail clients, as well as government contracts and large group event transportation.

Zecheva says her biggest success has been seeing the company grow and develop. She’s also proud of the large clientele and affiliate network base she’s been able to establish and maintain. Her goal is to keep up with demand and not lose focus on customer service, all while increasing the company’s fleet.

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