Memphis Operator Keeps Large Fleet Service Levels Steady

Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 5, 2018

(l to r) Dawn Brewer, VP of public relations and Beketa Anderson, president of Tennessee Limousine Service 

(l to r) Dawn Brewer, VP of public relations and Beketa Anderson, president of Tennessee Limousine Service 

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Beketa Anderson, president of Tennessee Limousine Service (TLS), has loved the idea of chauffeured transportation for years. When she had the opportunity to work for a luxury transportation company, she took it and has since risen through the ranks to lead the business to bigger and better vehicles: Motorcoaches.

Large And In Charge

With one of the largest fleets in the South at 105 vehicles, there’s no doubt Anderson has helped the company grow immensely. The fleet consists of 15 stretch limousines, 28 sedans (including Mercedes S550s and Lincoln Continentals), 17 SUVs (including Cadillac Escalades), seven Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans, five party buses, 24 minibuses, and seven motorcoaches. The Memphis-based company just started moving into the bus business within the past year, and Anderson says it’s been fantastic.

One of the company's buses out on the road.

One of the company's buses out on the road.

For other companies looking to grow into a larger business, she says you need a team that enables you to work 24 hours a day. “It’s amazing the business we pick up in the off hours,” she explains. She also says you must take good care of your employees because when you do, they take care of you and your clients.

Anderson’s secret recipe for success is simple: You have to make your customers’ requests for transportation just as important to you as it is to them. “It may be something like a wedding, graduation, or corporate executive coming in for meeting — just because we do it every day, we cannot become callous. Whatever that event is, it’s important to that person.”

Origin Story

Tennessee Limousine is the second company started by the business’ owner, Mr. Brewer. While working a detective case in New York, he had the opportunity to ride in a stretch limousine. It was then he came to the realization there was yet to be a company in Memphis that could provide luxury transportation at any hour of the day. At that time Tennessee Limousine Service was born and became the sister company to his detective service.

Anderson had an F endorsement (what you need to drive for hire in the city of Memphis) for about 20 years, and had always wanted to drive a limo. After she prematurely retired from the working world due to illness, she decided to jump back in and follow her dream. TLS looked at her resume and said they wanted her in an office position. She was told if she did that and didn’t like it, they’d let her become a chauffeur. “This career path basically started in my mind 25 years ago,” she jokes.

Goals Becoming Reality

A stylish stretch

A stylish stretch

Anderson believes being able to serve the people of Memphis, around the state, and the world has been the company’s biggest success. They work with all major affiliates, and built TLS on their limousines and retail business. “Developing our coach division was something that took us to a whole other level,” she says.

The transition to coaches began with their corporate clients, whose groups kept getting larger. TLS first had an affiliate handling motorcoach work, as they hesitated to make such a large investment in a motorcoach of their own. “As I looked at the money I was leaving on the table, it became evident this was a move we needed to make to answer that call.”

TLS is licensed to carry passengers in Chattanooga, Tenn., Dallas, and Indianapolis, so they want to develop further in those markets, with an eventual goal of going global.

Anderson reminds operators everybody has the capacity to purchase vehicles; it’s service that has set TLS above its competitors. “People say they open doors and handle luggage, but it’s going the extra mile that will build loyalty and your reputation, which is everything.”

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