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Companies Incur Risk Booking Outside Managed Channels

Posted on July 25, 2018
How much do companies really care about duty of care?

How much do companies really care about duty of care?

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Globally, half of company-held meetings are simple ones, yet about half of survey respondents report their organizations do not use a “managed” meetings channel for simple meetings, according to new research released recently by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), in partnership with HRS.

This first-of-its-kind study focuses exclusively on simple meetings management, which are small meetings with basic, replicable requirements. For the first time, both GBTA and Meeting Professionals International (MPI) members were surveyed for the same study to provide perspectives from both travel buyers and meeting planners.

Highlights of the research include:

  • 50% of corporate meetings globally (49% in the U.S., 58% in Europe) are simple meetings
  • 52% of companies book their simple meetings outside of “managed” meetings channels
  • 70% of respondents don’t follow a required bidding process for shopping/booking simple meetings
  • When companies don’t use a simple meetings solution, 77% search for hotels or venues exclusively through consumer channels
  • When companies have a solution, 72% of planners prefer to use it to plan/book simple meetings
  • 52% of companies don’t have an e-RFP technology for simple meetings, with no plans to acquire one
  • Only 4% of U.S.-based travel buyers have corporate key performance indicators (KPIs) attached to the value created by small meetings, while nearly one-third (31%) of meeting planners have KPIs

“This research puts numbers to something the industry has long suspected,” said Jessica Collison, GBTA director of research. “Simple meetings account for significant expenditures within companies – yet they are very loosely managed, potentially costing companies when it comes to the bottom line, meetings satisfaction, and duty of care compliance.”

For full GBTA press release, click here.

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