California Limo Companies Agree To Merge

Lexi Tucker
Posted on June 27, 2018

Bakersfield Limousine and Transport Owner Chrissi Tessaro
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The Limousine Scene, started in 1990 by Gary Smith, passed some of their assets on to Bakersfield Limousine and Transport, owned by Chrissi Tessaro on June 25. In 1993, Smith hired Jim Luff, a contributing editor for LCT, to serve as general manager. Luff later became a partner through financial investments into the company and assumed a new title of CEO. Luff remained financially invested after his retirement from Limousine Scene in 2016.

Tessaro will be acquiring some of their key people, and likely some of their minibuses and shuttles. “They reached out to us since we are the two biggest luxury transportation companies in Bakersfield, so it made sense for us to come to this agreement,” she said. Both businesses handled different affiliates, so now most will be serviced by Bakersfield Limousine and Transport. These include Dav El | BostonCoach, Commonwealth Worldwide, Empire CLS, and ECS Transportation Group out of Texas, to name a few.

Limousine Scene Office Manager Caitlin Wilson

Limousine Scene Office Manager Caitlin Wilson

Limousine Scene Office Manager Caitlin Wilson, as well as three of the company’s top chauffeurs, will be added to the Bakersfield Limousine and Transport staff.

Bakersfield Limousine and Transport also serves Fresno, Visalia, and travels to all major airports in the area including LAX. Its clientele includes everything from corporate to retail.

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