Canadian Operator Celebrates 25 Years Of Business

Lexi Tucker
Posted on May 9, 2018

Brian Beaulieu, president of Bennington Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, is celebrating the company's 25th anniversary this year.

Brian Beaulieu, president of Bennington Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, is celebrating the company's 25th anniversary this year.

TORONTO, Canada — Sometimes a drastic event has to occur before you can have an epiphany that leads to better business. Brian Beaulieu, president and owner of Bennington Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, knows this better than anyone.

After shattering his femur, he was on his back for nine months. Since he couldn’t drive, he took that time to make phone calls and foster relationships that lead him from being a one-car operator to the leader of a company that now runs 40  vehicles.

Get Out Of The Car

Everyone in the luxury transportation industry knows it’s not a nine-to-five day job. It doesn’t matter how big you are; you’re running that business 24/7/365.

“You can’t just be in the car all the time thinking that’s how you’re going to get bigger and survive,” Beaulieu says. It wasn’t until he broke his leg that he had this awakening. “I grew the business while I was on crutches.”

Bennington Facility

Bennington Facility

He started out in the industry in 1993 with one Lincoln Town Car and was always interested in limousines. Beaulieu ran another company to get experience and worked on perfecting his ability to provide luxury service. From there, he started attending LCT shows and credits much of his knowledge to the magazine.

“I actually got my first big affiliate account from a company that was running an ad in LCT.” In terms of networking and education, he believes attending these shows is vital to growing your business.

Creating A Desirable Company To Work For

Beaulieu understands the struggle many operators are facing in this booming economy: Finding the right people to help you build your business. The chauffeur shortage is the worst he’s seen since he’s started.

However, he has found great success in posting job openings on Indeed, and recently most of his latest hires have been recommended by chauffeurs who work for Bennington. He recommends looking for people who have had previous experience in the hospitality industry.

“Old habits are hard to break. Yes, we are in the limousine business, but more importantly we are in the customer service business. If you keep that in mind as a new operator you’ll go far. You can have the cleanest car inside and out, but if your chauffeurs aren’t customer service oriented, you’ll have problems.”

One recent success is the purchase of his own building for the company. He’s remodeled it to have an open office concept and it has greatly improved communication and teamwork. Beaulieu believes having a great team also has been a key to the business’ growth and maintaining great customer relations.

Spicing Up The Fleet

Beaulieu’s fleet contains a healthy mix of sedans, SUVs, minicoaches, and vans. These include Cadillac XTS’ and Escalades, Mercedes-Benz s550s and Sprinters,

An open office space has led to more interaction.

An open office space has led to more interaction.

Chevrolet Suburbans, Ford Transits, and 21- and 28-passenger Grech minicoaches. Corporate clients make up 98% of the company’s work, including banks, entertainment companies, law firms, and major grocery brands.

In the near future, they plan on moving towards the coach business. “We find that market has gotten bigger in the last four to five years, and we plan on leasing coaches to meet the demand,” he says. “It’s a different animal that’s not easy, but I’ve gotten guidance from the motorcoach operators in my 20 group who have been great mentors.”

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     | about 2 months ago

    Bennington was a customer of ours, terrible company to work with. Would take forever to pay, very disrespectful and rude owner. Staff would always speak poorly of their boss which tells you everything.

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