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Using TNCs Could Be Cheaper Than Owning A Car By 2027

Posted on April 18, 2018
Lyft car (Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Praiselightmedia)

Lyft car (Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Praiselightmedia)

By combining proprietary data with outsidesources, QuoteWizard found car ownership costs are dropping, while the price of ridesharing will drastically shrink with the introduction of driverless cars. Current trends show relying solely on ridesharing will cost less than owning a car in 2027.

NBC 12 article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 2 years ago

    Worthless theory !!!!! You cant sustain a taxi app with blue collar wages, with only 4% of uber drivers staying after 12 months. There is a constant exodus of drivers that were coaxed by the fake commercials into wasting their time with no pay for down time. That business model (uber) has failed

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