These Millennials Ensure Customer Service Isn’t A Lost Art

Lexi Tucker
Posted on March 28, 2018

(l to r) Faizan Dolani, founder and owner of Prime Limo & Car Service, and Evan McLemee, the executive office administrator

(l to r) Faizan Dolani, founder and owner of Prime Limo & Car Service, and Evan McLemee, the executive office administrator

DALLAS, Texas — While most kids just sit back and enjoy the ride to prom in a stretch, Faizan Dolani, founder and owner of Prime Limo & Car Service, thought being in the luxury transportation industry was something he would want to pursue.

In 2010, he started looking for a limo of his own his senior year of high school, and bought a 2001 Lincoln Town Car limo with $4,000 he had saved up. Here’s how the 27-year-old grew his company from one car to nearly 30 in just seven years.

Right Or Wrong, Customers Come First

As most operators know, customer service is everything. Dolani used to work at Walmart as a pharmaceutical technician, where he dealt with plenty of people who always thought they were in the right.

“Until you own something, you don’t really realize how important it is to swallow your pride. There were so many times when a customer made a mistake and didn’t want to admit to it, but we’d just have to apologize and ask what we could do to make it right,” Dolani says.

In the few times something doesn’t work out at Prime Limo, Dolani believes it’s better to refund a trip and treat people right to ensure a happy ending. “Sometimes you just have to take one for the team; the client will appreciate it.”

The Very First Prime Limo

The Very First Prime Limo

Evan McLemee, the executive office administrator for Prime Limo, says although the company is not the cheapest around, they certainly provide the best service. “That’s what keeps clients coming back for more. We are always available if someone needs to speak to us, we train our chauffeurs well, and keep our vehicles clean,” he says.

Dolani believes one of the best ways to avoid unhappy clients is by always arriving early. “When we are on time, we are considered late,” he says. Also, if you give someone an incorrect price quote by mistake, don’t go back on your word. “People get really upset about it, and it makes us look bad as an industry if you don’t honor your initial quote. We all make mistakes, but I’d rather keep the customer happy than be seen as manipulative or dishonest.”

Employee night out in the Sprinter 

Employee night out in the Sprinter 

Proving Pristine

Dolani tries not to buy any vehicle used anymore, and has been able to gradually afford cars from big names like Pinnacle Limousine Manufacturing, Grech Motors, and Springfield Coach Group. He sets up appointments with clients in person, because he knows once they see his facility and vehicles, they’ll be ready to book on the spot and recommend Prime to other potential clients.

Their office features a reception area, call center, and 20,000 sq. ft. garage where all vehicles are kept indoors. He gives clients a full tour of everything, including…the dishwasher.

“It may seem strange, but we want our clients to know when they book with us they are getting a spotless vehicle with amenities to match,” Dolani says. “We don’t want fingerprints or other smudges on our glassware. It’s the small details that customers really care about.”

McLemee says you’d be surprised at how far some clients will go to ensure a company will not let them down. “We recently had a customer who had a bad experience with another business where they sent him stock photos, and the vehicle that came to pick him up wasn’t at all what he had paid for. He signed a contract, so there was no way he could dispute it. He came to us and wanted us to send a video of the vehicle, its license plate and VIN numbers, and the receipt from when we bought the vehicle. It was very odd, but we are here to make it happen.”

One of Prime's Escalades, along with a chauffeur 

One of Prime's Escalades, along with a chauffeur 

Growing Steady

Initially, Dolani started his limo side gig as a part time, weekend job. He didn’t realize how much he’d end up enjoying it. He decided it was time to start pursuing corporate work instead of just the retail side of the business and named the company Prime Limo & Car Service after Prime Pharmaceutics, one of the companies he had worked at in the past as a pharmacy technician.

Today, the business runs a fleet of nearly 30 vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, stretches, vans, mini-coaches, and minibuses.

“We’ve kept our clients, and have grown from 1,000 clients to 20,000 that use us regularly,” McLemee says. “Companies might forget where they came from as they get bigger and lose that personal touch, but we’ve been able to maintain it.”

In the future, the two hope to be able to get out of the office and visit LCT Shows. As they keep growing, they are slowly acquiring more help so they can focus on expanding into the Houston and Austin markets, as well as finding a new, larger facility.

“We’re not one of those faceless companies; a lot of our friends work together, and we constantly help each other get better,” McLemee says. “We want to continue building strong relationships with team members in the office and on the road.”

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