How Can The Science Of Happiness Change Your Business?

Lexi Tucker
Posted on March 7, 2018

Shereen Eltobgy, lead coachsultant and happiness orchestrator for Delivering Happiness

Shereen Eltobgy, lead coachsultant and happiness orchestrator for Delivering Happiness

Interactivity not only gets the attention from attendees, but also helps them retain what they learn at sessions. Wednesday, March 14 from 9 am to 10:30 am, Shereen Eltobgy, lead coachsultant and happiness orchestrator for Delivering Happiness, will walk operators through what they need to do to set themselves apart from everyone else trying to sell a product.

During the coaching session, Eltobgy will share information and participate in a question and answer session. Her talk will revolve around how to create a competitive edge for your company using the science of happiness and culture models of Zappos, an online shoe and clothing shop known for its stellar customer service tactics.

Eltobgy hopes attendees will learn ways to make their teams and clients more passionate, enthusiastic, and loyal, and will provide tips and techniques on creating an experience that fosters all of those traits.

“We’ll look at how to roll out a customer service plan so it’s authentically engaging,” Eltobgy said during a pre-show interview. “Everyone knows the 123s of excellence in customer service, but we are talking about creating that from the inside out; individual and team happiness also informs the happiness of your clients,” she said.

On Monday, March 12, operators will hear Delivering Happiness’ CEO and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) Jenn Lim’s opening keynote “Make Happy Work,” which will address the keys to creating long term sustainable happiness. Eltoby’s session will delve into detail about how to use those keys to create a better client and team experience. “You’ll hear the ‘why’ and ‘what’ from Jenn, and I will focus on the ‘how,’” she said.

Lim will discuss why people are unhappy and disengaged, and Eltoby will explain how attendees as business owners can create a better customer experience in an authentic way. “There will be a lot more room for Q&A and interactivity. We’ll do an exercise where operators will get to build a culture vision to help them create the kind of culture they want.

“There’s an opportunity for owners to really understand what people care about and what inspires and shifts peoples’ behaviors and experiences,” she added. “The future for all businesses is not just that you provide great service, but that you create an experience that connects people and makes them happy. That’s going to be the competitive edge and differentiator: Getting people to put their cell phones down for five minutes and providing them with an experience that genuinely surprises and delights them.”

Speaker Bio: Who Is Shereen?

Shereen Eltobgy is an experienced development leader whose purpose driven work inspires individuals and organizations alike to seek happiness and freedom of self. She has helped people around the world unleash their potential to live, work, and thrive with passion and enthusiasm.

With an MBA in International Business from The Moore School of Business at USC, and extensive training and experience coaching interpersonal transformation, leadership development, and conscious communication, Shereen is a unique combination of social entrepreneur, global leader, mentor, and coach. She has led business development teams and initiatives for more than 15 years in top software companies and global leadership and human performance development firms.

Shereen is on the leadership team at Delivering Happiness, speaking around the world on the benefits of happiness and culture in the workplace as well as an advisor and faculty staff at the Self-Awareness Institute. Shereen has worked with organizations throughout the U.S., the Middle East, and in Europe.

Having lived, learned, and traveled around the globe, Shereen considers herself a student of the world. She draws on global philosophies and eclectic life experiences to inform her integrated approach to work and life, blending ancient wisdom with modern attributes. Committed to living her passions, she practices happiness everyday by laughing with her two sons, dancing and meditating, and inspiring others toward awareness, freedom, harmony, and happiness.

Clients include:

  • American Express Global Travel, NY
  • C21 Department Stores, NY
  • Digital Telepathy, CA
  • Prime Minister’s Office, Dubai
  • Life Financial Group, Russia
  • OWOX, Ukraine
  • Schibsted Media Group, Norway
  • American Chamber of Commerce, Egypt
  • Northwell formerly NorthShore-LIJ Health System, NY/NJ

Source: Delivering Happiness Team Page

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