What It's Like To Drive Every Generation Of S-Class

Posted on March 5, 2018

Mercedes-Benz let Car and Driver editors sample the entire lineup of all nine S-class generations from its museum collection, to be tested on very appropriate turf: The public but lightly trafficked roads in the Hohenlohe area, near Castle Friedrichsruhe. That’s where the company tested the handling of prototypes until the 1980s.

Car and Driver article here

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  • Frank Cicero

     | about 6 months ago

    What I remember most about the S class is the black electrical tape that my company put on the dash to hide the malfunction lights. When they came with the new plastic model and body shape it was not a good decision and they should have made the Maybach the new S class. This car is a money pit that small operators should avoid completely.

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