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Ridehail Industry Now Much Bigger Than Uber, Lyft

Posted on February 28, 2018

(Creative Commons image)

(Creative Commons image)

Welcome, passengers, to the confused and confusing age of mobility. The central quandary, the reason for these new sorts of businesses and brainwaves about revenue streams, is pretty simple. The automotive industry thinks personal car ownership will plummet in the coming decades.

Wired magazine article here

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  • Michael Jones

     | about 2 years ago

    People are not confused on issues they may not be aware of in the first place. And there is a cart an graph for just about anything we want. 1.How about these kids maybe taking a quote "rideshare" because they can't afford to purchase a vehicle not because they just love rideshare #studentloans 2. Most of these tech guru's don't have kids and at the same time have personal drivers themselves. 3. Tech giants has gone after low hanging fruits of every industry looking to increase their on bottom line under the name disruption. 4. The more our economy hurts the more people will seek a second stream of income 5. If you take away the GPS system Uber or Lyft which one can claim they owns what? Take the phone away how great is it. Transportation companies had dispatch sytems forever. Let's stop using a acronym to Escape the truth!! Data collectors posing as transportation companies. Skirting laws and buying governments. And in the End taking around from the same people they claim to help.

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