Millennial Operators Take Brazil By Storm

Lexi Tucker
Posted on February 28, 2018

Mauricio De Nadai, commercial director of Now Brazil Tours

Mauricio De Nadai, commercial director of Now Brazil Tours

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Before he got into the luxury ground transportation business, Mauricio De Nadai, commercial director of Now Brazil Tours (NBT), used to imagine himself as a firefighter or police officer — much like many other children around the world. But fate ended up leading him in a much different direction.

When he was 16, he started his career as an events assistant. Since then, he’s grown more devoted to the field of events management and logistics. At only 22, he’s thankful he’s found his passion in the chauffeured transportation industry.

Young, But Experienced

De Nadai and his business partner, Hugo Araujo, met in college, and started their company following many conversations. Together, they count more than seven years of experience in the luxury transportation market.

“Our goal at Now Brazil Tours is to offer the best experience for our clients,” he says. “We want to disrupt ‘traditional’ city tours, and establish a real connection between customers and the city they are visiting.”

After working global events like the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, De Nadai noted how fragile the structure of the luxury ground transportation business was in Brazil. “We want to create an experience that is seamless; not only for the ‘NBTourists,’ as we call our passengers, but also for the secretaries, consultants, and travel agents involved in the process.”

The company provides full support with hotlines available 24/7, the newest vehicles (including armored ones), and courteous, fully bilingual chauffeurs trained in defensive and evasive driving courses. So far, their fleet includes two executive sedans, one armored sedan, and one armored van.

Hugo Araujo

Hugo Araujo

Proving Themselves

During the first year of running the company, De Nadai learned compromise, honesty, respect, and technology are the keys to success for any business and lead you to exponential growth and acknowledgment in the market.

“My advice is to focus on client satisfaction and experience, never forget about the benefits technology can bring, and hard work and cooperation are needed to make a dream come true.”

De Nadai believes the best signs of the company’s success are the compliments and acknowledgement he and Araujo receive from their clients; having a high success rate; and getting to provide services for the biggest events and celebrities in Brazil like the Brazilian Formula 1Grand Prix, known artists, and soccer players. “I’d like to include a very special thank you to our client Lampatur that trusted us from the very first day.”

In the future, De Nadai plans to play a bigger role in the industry. The company has joined the NLA and Visite São Paulo, a tourist information center. By June 2018, they are planning to expand their company and open an office in Rio de Janeiro, because the area represents around 35% of their reservations.

“We will continue to maintain our high standards of customer service and build close partnerships with those who trust Now Brazil Tours as a supplier and client.”

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