Pamela Anderson To Meet Press, Attendees At ILCT Show

Martin Romjue
Posted on February 8, 2018

Pamela Anderson in her latest PSA, The Signs, for the National Limousine Association (photo: PSA video)
Pamela Anderson in her latest PSA, The Signs, for the National Limousine Association (photo: PSA video)
Pamela Anderson, who has emerged as the leading celebrity advocate for ridehail passenger safety and responsible drivers, will hold a press conference March 12 at 4:15 p.m. during the start of the International LCT Show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Her appearance was announced Feb. 8 by the National Limousine Association, which has partnered with Anderson through its Ride Responsibly program to highlight the safety risks involving transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Uber. The actress, activisit, and model has so far appeared in two NLA public service announcement (PSA) videos targeted to ridehail passengers: The Signs & The Driving Game.

Anderson appears in The Driving Game from 2016 (photo: PSA video)
Anderson appears in The Driving Game from 2016 (photo: PSA video)
Anderson will give a brief address about her work with the NLA, the success of her PSA, and concerns about the state of ridehailing. She will also answer a few media questions and demand a call to action, urging everyone to become more aware of the dangerous business practices of ridehail apps.

The appearance was arranged by the NLA's Public Relations Committee, led by board directors Jason Kaplan and Scott Solombrino, and the NLA's hired public relations firm, EVINS Communications of New York.

Before the start of the International LCT Show, the NLA will host an online auction for signed photographs with Anderson. Five auction winners will have the opportunity to meet Pamela for a brief photo opp. The NLA will release more information in coming weeks on how to bid.

The International LCT Show runs from March 11-14. REGISTRATION HERE

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Martin Romjue Editor
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  • Anthony

     | about 14 days ago

    I am very thankfull that this actress understands 1000% the reality of using guber or lyft. Anyone taking rides in these app is risking their lifes and or will have to pay for their own hospital bills. Jan 2017 24 year old sarah milburn was paralized when her huber driver ran a red light.....uber refuses to pay for her medical bills sayiing "we are just a tech app" British embassy employee was murdered by her uber driver dec 2017... the uber driver had an extensive criminal history and should have never been driving anyone Educate your customers...... saving a few dollars is not worth the risk.. using a livery service is the right thing to do. I am still upset at all these corporations including amex for jumping in as cheerleaders for guber

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