Here's How To Tell What's Sexual Harrassment

Posted on January 23, 2018

Do your employees know where to draw the line? How do you make sure no one crosses the line? For that matter, how do you make sure everyone in your extended enterprise doesn't even go near the line? And, how do you communicate about incidents when the line has been crossed?

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  • R. Etscovitz

     | about 3 years ago

    I was working with Lyft. A group of women got into my van. One if them asked if she could sit in the front seat. They were all teachers from Louisville, KY and visiting a friend who was going to get married in a few days. They had been drinking and we're headed to another bar in Atlanta. They said they were High School teachers and involved with diversity. The conversation brought up H. We in stein and Matt Lauer. I said that today all you would have to do now was to touch a women. She could then say, "the driver touched me and I felt uncomfortable". At that point the driver or other person would probaby get fired. At this point I reached over and touched her on her clothed thigh for a mere second. I said, 'you see, all it would take is a touch like this'. Two days later Lyft notified me that I had been permanently deactivated because the woman stated, "he touched me. I felt uncomfortable. What are you going to do about it?" So you are smarter just to face ahead and not say anything at all. End of story. Richard Etscovitz, Marietta, GA.

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