Two-City Operator Doubles His Industry Passion

Lexi Tucker
Posted on January 10, 2018
Ayman Abusamak, owner of Ambassador Global Chauffeur in Atlanta, Ga, and A Step Above Limousine in Charlotte, N.C.

Ayman Abusamak, owner of Ambassador Global Chauffeur in Atlanta, Ga, and A Step Above Limousine in Charlotte, N.C.

ATLANTA, Ga. — It’s hard enough to run one chauffeured transportation company; Ayman Abusamak loves what he does so much he runs two businesses in two states. As the owner of Ambassador Global Chauffeur in Atlanta, Ga, and A Step Above Limousine in Charlotte, N.C., he has learned much while keeping his company relevant in a world driven by technology.

Jump Start

Abusamak got his industry start in 1992 while working for his father. At 16, he got his driver’s license so he could be a chauffeur. At the time, this wasn’t as unusual as now. Ready for a new beginning, he moved to Atlanta from North Carolina in 1996 when he was 18. He chose his new home state because the Olympics were being held there, and it just seemed like an exciting place to start fresh. In 2007, he started A Step Above Limousine, and in 2012, Ambassador Global Chauffeur was born.

Advice For Others

Keeping things simple for yourself, your staff, and clients is the best way to ensure everyone is content. Abusamak has an instant online quote function on both of his websites that gives clients an easy way to book a ride. He also has apps available on the Google Play and Apple App stores. “Try your best not to complicate things. Treat everybody with respect and how you would want to be treated, especially the people you work with,” he says.

Something else he’s learned while running two companies is it’s important not to rush into things. “I was so eager to start my own business, and had to make it through a couple of rough patches. It’s hard to be in two places at once. Atlanta has a different breed of people than Charlotte. You’re providing transportation in both cases, but it’s the same egg, only cooked differently.”

Learning From Others

Abusamak is a member of Wheels in Motion, a 20 group hosted and lead by Arthur Messina. Something he’s benefitted from the most are the team building activities with other operators.

“They’ve really brought us together and helped us grow,” he says. “People skills are vital in this business, and it transfers over into the online realm as well. How you respond to clients when they post reviews on the Internet is just as important as how you respond to them over the phone.”

Abusamak hopes to add more buses to his fleet. He has 10 vehicles in each market, including sedans, SUVs, vans, and minibuses. He also plans to purchase other small limo companies looking to get out of the business. The 2019 Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta, so that’s another event he looks forward to preparing for.

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Lexi Tucker Senior Editor
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  • Seth

     | about 3 years ago

    Congratulations Ayman. Multi state operations is not easy. It takes a lot of effort. I also like that you diversified your market risk with near by markets that behave some what differently.

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