How To Cultivate Happy Millennial Employees

Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 29, 2017

Mike Gibbon, logistics general manager for Elite Coach Transportation

Mike Gibbon, logistics general manager for Elite Coach Transportation

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Now that the latest economic recession is in the rearview mirror, recent graduates have a bright outlook when finding employment. That being said, it’s also why many Millennials feel comfortable with switching from one profession to the next. But for those who are treated right and trusted to do their jobs to the best of their ability without being micromanaged, loyalty isn’t that hard to come by — Mike Gibbon, logistics general manager for Elite Coach Transportation, is proof.

Rising Through The Ranks

Gibbon has worked for the company for seven years. He started in high school as a detailer, worked his way up to detail manager, and eventually became the fleet manager. Throughout college, he stuck with the company to make some extra money, and was hired on full time after he graduated from Robert Morris University with a bachelor’s degree in management and marketing.

“I grew with the company. I know it’s not too common for Millennials to stick with one thing, but this was something I couldn’t walk away from because I really enjoy it,” he says. The business was founded in 1997 with just one vehicle, and owner Greg Feorene adjusted to what his clients needed. He later added vans, shuttle buses, and more to create a well-rounded, one stop shop fleet.

Learning And Growing

Something Gibbon has learned while working for Elite Coach Transportation is how to deal with people properly, no matter how frustrating the situation. “Anything you do, no matter what field you are in, there are always people involved. Good communication skills are so important — more so than anything you can learn in college. From angry brides to frustrated chauffeurs, you need to learn how to calm them and yourself down. Also, time is an issue so you have to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible, he says. “Take a deep breath, and get what you need to do done in the smartest way possible.”

As a younger operator, he believes Millennials bring fresh ideas and a different generational perspective to the business. “In any industry that’s going through a period of change, it’s good to have young people who will be using the product or service in the future working for you.”

Not Done Yet

So far, Gibbon has worked to improve the structure of how the business manages its fleet, developed a good reputation for cleanliness, and trained chauffeurs on how to best present themselves.

He plans to continue helping Elite Coach Transportation grow with current and new clients, and adapt to the many changes hitting the industry. “Although there are not a lot of young people in the industry, I hope more join and help it remain healthy.”

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