Tokyo Starts Bus Service For Train Riders Who Oversleep

Posted on November 27, 2017

Rail and bus operators in Japan know they can’t expect perfect precision from passengers. Some of them will make mistakes, which is why Nishi Tokyo Bus has decided to backstop passengers on the JR Chuo train line, which connects central Tokyo with the capital’s western outskirts, by running one extra bus on select nights that departs after the last express train of the night reaches its final stop.

The special bus is called the “Oversleeping Rescue Bus,” but the fact it coincides with the height of company end-of-the-year drinking parties (called “bonenkai” in Japanese) is a pretty clear indication Nishi Tokyo Bus expects most of its passengers to be people who got on the train liquored up, dozed off, and rode right past where they intended to get off.

Sora News 24 article here

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