Uber Loses Appeal Against Ruling Giving Drivers Workers' Rights

Posted on November 10, 2017
Photo via Flickr user Alper Çuğun

Photo via Flickr user Alper Çuğun

London, UK — Uber has lost an appeal against a court ruling that found some drivers were entitled to holiday pay, sick pay, and the minimum wage.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal dismissed the company's appeal against the "landmark" ruling, made in 2016.

 Uber has indicated it will proceed with further appeals, with the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court two possible stages in the appeal process.

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  • Anthony

     | about 3 years ago

    Uber was not able to buy the ruling in the uk as it did in california when judge Chen refused the settlement with newport beach lawfirm representing the drivers.... Judge Chen said that settlement would give each plaintiff 20.00 a piece.... uber was able to influence another judge to step in an overrule judge Chens The uber ship is sinking With that ruling....uber rates will need to be higher and the drivers will not be working over 8 hours per day How about the 44 accieents per say average in the usa?

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