Ethical Leadership Leads To Company Growth

Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 1, 2017

Matt Shafik, managing partner of Genesis Corporate Transportation

Matt Shafik, managing partner of Genesis Corporate Transportation

HOUSTON, Texas — One of the hardest and most easily overlooked roles in managing a business is ensuring ethical conduct across the board. From heavy regulations to stiff competition, operators have a lot on their minds while trying to balance the needs and demands of family, clients, and employees.

Matt Shafik, managing partner of Genesis Corporate Transportation, believes if you want to survive and craft a stellar reputation in this industry, you have to treat everyone you come into professional contact with like you would your own family.

Good Karma

Genesis has been in business for 27 years; this is not an easy feat considering past economically—and more modern, technologically—disruptive times. Shafik is proud to say that out of over 1,800 operators, the company is the 31st to be officially licensed by the city.

Another element that factors into this longevity is the fact he runs the business with an ethical approach. Every member of Genesis’ staff must operate on the highest standards and never take advantage of people. “If a client accidentally leaves behind their wallet or cell phone, it would be really easy for a chauffeur to simply say they can’t find it. We fully trust them to be honest and do the right thing,” he says.

School Of Life

Proper training plays a large part in how efficiently a company runs. Shafik has succeeded using PAX Chauffeur Training. He even took it himself to understand its emphasis and to brush up on his customer service knowledge.

“You have to be a student of life and try to learn something new every day,” Shafik says. “There’s so much out there; you can’t just think ‘I’ll do something a certain way, and if people don’t like it, too bad.’ The world is changing, and you can either adapt or wither away,” he explains.

For those looking to expand their knowledge, he suggests reaching out to likeminded operators in your city, state, and throughout the country. “Make friends in other markets, call them with questions, and ask about their best practices. If you find out what they have had success with, what worked and what didn’t, it saves time and money.”

Reading industry publications, going to trade shows and seminars, and networking will all add to your chauffeured transportation education.

Operate Like An Egyptian

Rafik Tadrous, the company’s founder and Shafik’s uncle, saw a need for ground transportation while he built relationships working in the hospitality industry in West Houston. Egyptian by birth, Tadrous went to school in Egypt, earned a degree, and then came to America. He then worked full time at a hotel while simultaneously attending classes at the University of Houston to obtain a second degree.

Fast Facts

Owner: Rafik Tadrous

Founded: 1990

Vehicles: 9

Website: http://www.genesislimo.com/

This is just one aspect of what makes the company unique. Genesis’ staff is made up of people from all walks of life. For example, its most requested senior chauffeur, Maury, was a college athlete. He often connects with clients through his incredible knowledge of baseball and football. Shafik has been with company for seven years, and believes the family atmosphere has contributed to a culture of respect, communication, and productivity.

He originally had no desire to be a part of this industry, but, like his uncle, he saw an opportunity for growth. Shafik always admired the way Tadrous ran the business; some clients have been with Genesis for over 25 years. “To have that kind of loyalty is rare, so I make sure to thank them whenever I see them,” he says.

Shafik thinks the younger outlook he brings to the business allows him to identify what clients of newer generations want in a chauffeured ride. “I try to use the ‘what would I want’ mentality to help us grow in different market demographics by customizing an experience for each client.”

Looking Forward

As Genesis grows, Shafik wants to help it become more accessible to clients and  the general public by increasing its SEO and social media presence, and its global footprint.

“We are fine being medium size, because it’s easier to control the quality of our service while we scale. We have a wide range of vehicles, and our clientele appreciates the variety.”

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