Hot Topic: Does Networking = Ass Kissing?

Posted on November 1, 2017
Happy to see you, or angling for your business? (LCT image)

Happy to see you, or angling for your business? (LCT image)

An industry social media forum took on a topic that affects any business person trying to gain clients, affiliates, and employees: What is the difference between networking and ass-kissing, or are they one and the same? Can both be genuine, or not?

This LinkedIn article is for those awkward moments when you've tried to explain the importance of networking to someone and they've either said one or all of the following things to you:

  • I don't kiss ass
  • I don't need to kiss ass, I work hard
  • I knew someone who did some strange things to get a job and/or promotion

Here's what some industry commenters said recently:

"Some folks like to kiss ass to gain work, and others work very hard to earn what they have. People out there are fake and do things to earn other folks’ business. I work for my money and my honesty and loyalty to my clients on a personal level is what gains me my business."

"Part of running a successful business is building relationships with trustworthy people. Ask anyone attending, I go out of my way to say hello to unfamiliar faces. I try to introduce myself and be a kind person. Trust me, I don't kiss anyone's a** !!!!"

"I proudly kiss ass, and I will do whatever it takes to help my client (which includes affiliates!) feel more comfortable and safe in my care. I am in service to our clients. This is what hospitality is all about."

"Chauffeured transportation is part of the HOSPITALITY BUSINESS. It's not about giving someone a ride, or they'd take a taxi. Your job is to make people feel special and important in each and every transaction. Therefore you are in the ASS KISSING BUSINESS. Sorry, but that is the case."

"I might be the biggest ass kisser in the industry, but I enjoy the people. We have a lot of laughs and enjoy each other’s company...I have many accounts that took me 10 years to earn. Of course I must provide great service to complete the circle. We really are a small industry and it can take time to work your way in to some of the circles, but no one is trying to keep others out. Rather, we just can’t wait to see each other every few months and end up all going to dinner each night. You can call it ass kissing or customer relations, either title works for me."

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  • Anthony

     | about 3 years ago

    Its a mistake in the linousine industry to kiss ass and pretend to be something your company is not. We have watched the 30 year limo operator that his business model was to lie cheat kiss ass etc. Even to the point of taking operators to dinner etc when meeting with the association..... the corporate operators know his fake model.....but others dont. Even managed to fake his way into the association by kissing ass and guaranteen the 2,500 bar tab at the events..... then becoming a board member ...all along while running a slum lord limo service.... along the way taking no prisoners and taking advantage financially from his drivers and the main people that helped him grow.... they helped because he had promised a % of the business with no contracts. So in todays age, you cant fake your way because you will get exposed

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