Uber Making Another Mess With "Cleaning Fees"

Posted on August 23, 2017
(Flickr.com Creative Commons photo by Elliott Brown)

(Flickr.com Creative Commons photo by Elliott Brown)

CHICAGO -- Steven Winkler uses Uber all the time and never had a problem until he recently spotted an issue on his bank statement: an extra $50 charge from the ride-hailing service.

He contacted the company online and was told he was charged a cleaning fee. They also sent him pictures from the driver of what appears to be a wet seat. But Winkler says it wasn't him.

CBS News article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 3 years ago

    The uber protest for higher wages is very reasonable. These poor guber drivers are not living the false commercial of "chiling, earning, living" Its more like " driving, driving, not getting paid" The concept was amazing but the execution failed horribly. Just like uber jets failed. All these executives thought their unlimited funding was their bank account and trully failed to turn this tech app into something wonderfull. Instead if has become a nightmare with a complete end in the future. A single mother send me her statement for 1 days work this was on her pay schedule: 244.xx earned Trip earnings 292.xx Surge 30.xx Boost 2.xx Guber fee 81.xx Total payout 242.xx 16 hours on the clock 44 trips Average trip 5.xx Complete guber fools at that company... Complete failure to execute ROI

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