Online Limo Service Brokerage Offers Discounted Rides

Posted on August 18, 2017
OneWayLimo's pitch to affiliates (image courtesy of OneWayLimo)
OneWayLimo's pitch to affiliates (image courtesy of OneWayLimo)

SHELTON, Conn. --- OneWayLimo.com (OWL) has started offering its services as a luxury transportation brokerage company along the East Coast to rave reviews.  Since it started in 2015, the service has brought together satisfied affiliates and customes, the company said in an Aug. 8 press release.

OneWayLimo, based in Shelton, is a luxury transportation brokerage company serving all major cities on the East Coast. It offers a web application for consumers to access a network of professional, licensed, and insured drivers for black cars to and from the airport, weddings or other events.

For its affiliates, OneWayLimo fills unused seats and rides. It helps operators minimize idle time and gain more paid fares that translates to more revenue and business growth.
One user wrote: "We have used One Way Limo around 10 times and it has always been top notch from the quality of its vehicles to the courteous professional drivers. We fly up from Florida to visit family in Connecticut and each time we receive emails as to the driver's name and vehicle. After picking up luggage we contact the driver and he tells us where to meet them. They have always provided a great experience. Highly recommend."
OneWayLimo brings customers discounts of 30% to 50% off market rates on luxury black car transportation by working with local companies to compare quotes. One satisfied customer wrote: "I used OneWayLimo both to and from the Greensboro airport. Both drivers were above and beyond accommodating with my wheelchair. The service was prompt, very affordable and easy to schedule. I will use OneWayLimo every time I travel from now on."
Another wrote: "We have used OneWayLimo every time we go away. I was always impressed by how clean the cars were and how nice the drivers were. But when we were delayed for over four hours, the driver followed the flight and was right there and was so kind. Every time we used OneWayLimo, the drivers have been just great. I highly recommend your company to my friends and family, who have then used your company, and had a good experience also."

Information: www.onewaylimo.com

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  • Anthony

     | about 4 months ago

    There is no need to offer 30% to 50% discounts.. If you are a real transportation company, the way you run your business will determine your success. If you need to discount, there is something wrong with your operation

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