Global Partners Adds First Member From Asia

Posted on August 16, 2017
Tzy Jeng (TJ) Kao of Asia Limo, based in Shanghai, China (photo courtesy of Driving Results / Global Partners)

Tzy Jeng (TJ) Kao of Asia Limo, based in Shanghai, China (photo courtesy of Driving Results / Global Partners)

Global Partners, a peer group in the Driving Results consulting porfolio, this month added international member Tzy Jeng (TJ) Kao of Asia Limo, based in Shanghai, China. Kao joined the group to expand his global network and to become better educated in the expectations of member companies from across the globe.

Kao came to the group because of relationships with group members. "I have been working with Maya Adrine, at Golden Limousine in Detroit, and Tricia Wilcoxen at Windy City,” Kao said. “They explained to me the concept of the group and I wanted to be part of it. I believe that it will allow me to expand my own network, as well as get a different perspective of how to handle international clients.”  

Arthur Messina, Managing Director of Driving Results, said in a press release: “Global Partners is now truly a global organization. We have great companies in this group who are now geographically spread around the world. We believe that TJ is only the first of many companies who will join and see the benefits of our affiliate peer groups.”

About Driving Results: For the past five years, Driving Results has assembled peer groups within the transportation industry. With two groups focusing on affiliate managers and three groups for owner/general managers, Driving Results has a limited number of openings for new members to join. Driving Results also maintains a waiting list for companies looking to join any of the existing sold out groups. Driving Results strives to help companies build their business through networking, best practices, relationship building and education. The group meetings focus on many topics that help increase profits while driving sales and creating efficiencies.  

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