Veteran Atlanta Operator Starts New Service

Posted on July 5, 2017
Fred Rich, president/CEO of CTN Chauffeured Transportation in Atlanta (Photo courtesy of Fred Rich)

Fred Rich, president/CEO of CTN Chauffeured Transportation in Atlanta (Photo courtesy of Fred Rich)

ATLANTA -- Longtime operator Fred Rich this month launched CTN Global Chauffeured Transportation, a full-service luxury ground transportation company. He serves as president/CEO.

Active in the industry for 14 years, Rich is looking to take the collective industry knowledge he’s accumulated at other Atlanta area companies and apply it to his new venture in creative ways.
“I look forward to maintaining and building solid relationships with clients and affiliates," Rich said in a press release. "In fact, the company’s name — derived from Chauffeured Transportation Network — reflects my loyal partners with the U.S. and abroad.”

With an initial focus on group work, CTN Global is active in airport and point-to-point transport. Rich’s vision is to provide unparalleled service in all sectors, while still remaining client-focused.  

“I do not want to be the largest in Atlanta, but I do want to be one of the best,” Rich said. “Larger is not always better.”

The company started booking full size coaches for large groups in 2015. Now it also provides airport transfers and point-to-point service  in sedans, SUVs, Sprinters, Van Terras, minibuses, and full-size coaches.

In addition to working to ensure every ride is professional and on time, CTN Global emphasizes the front and back ends of every trip: Reservation and billing processes.

“Confirmations and status updates are a must for every single trip," said Jessica Buckles, the company’s director of operations. "And ride receipts always go out within 24 hours. Our online booking system is fast and easy, and our clients love it.”

Also on CTN Global’s team is Eric Jeffries, vice president of sales, who has a background in the industry and more than three decades of sales experience. “CTN affords us the opportunity to build a company that sets itself apart by an unparalleled level of customer service,” Jeffries says.

Source: CTN press release

Information: CTN Global Chauffeured Transportation
9925 Haynes Bridge Road
Suite 200-212
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Phone (678) 487-6777
[email protected]

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