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Lexi Tucker
Posted on June 28, 2017
Ebonee Brown, office manager of Alamo City Limousine Service

Ebonee Brown, office manager of Alamo City Limousine Service

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — With talk of disruption in the industry, Ebonee Brown, office manager of Alamo City Limousine Service, brings the right attitude toward change. It gives her a fresher take on chauffeured transportation.

“You can’t always stay old school, and being a female in a male-dominated industry allows me to bring a new perspective to how things are done,” she says.

After changing her major five times in college (psychology, sociology, and kinesiology, to name a few), she originally wanted to be a cheerleading coach. Instead, she got pulled into the limousine business and fell in love with it. “Something’s always different and you meet so many wonderful people,” she says.

Brown started five years ago as a part of another company in the industry, until the owner wanted to start a companion business. This gave her and the other people she works with a chance to incorporate all of their individual styles into Alamo City Limousine Service.

During her time in the industry, she learned no matter how difficult clients may act, you should accommodate their needs to the best of your ability. “Sometimes you might feel like it’s not doable, but at the end of the day, that’s what we are in this business to accomplish,” she says.

Some advice she gives to other operators is you have to know your city and what’s going on in it. Learn about companies in your market and how to earn their business.

Her company runs Chrysler 300 sedans, Ford SUVs, 10 passenger Hummer and Escalade stretches, and party buses, mainly because of the type of business available in San Antonio. The area is historically Hispanic, so the bulk of the clientele they cater to are fiestas and Quinceañeras.

These kind of events are what helps the company stand out. “Since we like to be flamboyant and colorful down south, instead of having our chauffeurs dress in the traditional black-and-white uniform, we allow them to wear colors that match the theme of the Quinceañera. They all love it, and it gives them a chance to really be a part of the event,” Brown says.

Another piece of wisdom: “Always give the best service possible to every single client, because you never know who they know.”

As for future plans, Brown wants to ascend to various company roles and help establish a name for the company. She hopes to eventually get the chance to network with top companies in the industry, and strive to be among the best.

“It’s a tough business, but if you really want it and keep pushing, it can be lucrative.”

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