Tech-Savvy Affiliates In Demand

Lexi Tucker
Posted on June 13, 2017

Vince Schneider of JED Transportation

Vince Schneider of JED Transportation

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Technology has changed the affiliate business in so many profound ways it’s one of the first standards Vince Schneider of JED Transportation insists on when looking for an affiliate.

The dispatch area at JED Transportation includes a projector with four large flat screens that enable the team to monitor different portals for companies such as EmpireCLS, Dav El/Boston Coach, Commonwealth Worldwide, Leros Point To Point, Music Express, Broadway Elite, and Limo Link. Designated staff members are always updating and staying on top them, confirming work being farmed-in and out.

“I would say companies serious about affiliate work must have a dedicated affiliate manager. We spend a lot of time ensuring we have the right chauffeurs matched to the correct affiliate accounts, and hold 15-minute dispatch meetings every morning looking at the schedule for the next day,” he says.

About 30% of JED Transportation’s business is farm-in, and the company recently hired an affiliate manager from within to help increase farm-out business, at 2%.


The company strives to be the premier luxury transportation provider in St. Louis, and its diverse fleet of 80 vehicles reflects this. Its SUVs and sedans, including Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon XL, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Cadillac XTS, Hyundai Equus, and soon-to-be-delivered Lincoln Continental vehicles — are turned over every 18 months.

JED also offers Sprinter vans and motorcoaches. “We can do any trip a client or affiliate might need,” Schneider says.

The company also has an account with the Four Seasons in St. Louis, and is sending 15 chauffeurs to go through its customer service training.

Schneider signed JED Transportation up for LCT Connect because he knew it would be a valuable resource. “I know a lot of companies use Facebook to try to get recommendations, but if we’ve got someone going to a market we haven’t been to before, LCT Connect is one of the first places our affiliate manager will go to see what companies in those markets have taken the time to build their profile, include their fleet, and provide other detailed information.”

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