Practical Minibus Can Open Up Everyday Markets

Martin Romjue
Posted on May 29, 2017
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KANKAKEE, Ill. --- A company moniker with the terms "luxury," "limousine," or "chauffeured" may sound high-end, but chances are the company provides some routine transportation as well.

That's because chauffeured service companies can find profitable work combining high quality service with more common ground transportation needs. A 2015 Ford F-550 28-passenger minibus made by Executive Coach Builders suits such an agenda, and is now available on for $95,000 at 2,932 miles.

Bottom line: It could bring in those steady, ready, everyday clients such as schools, universities, churches, child care centers, hospitals, seniors homes, hotels, and businesses.


The white minibus, being sold by Midwest Transit, includes full rear luggage compartment with interior overhead luggage space, Altro slate floor, full composite sub floor (no plywood), tinted windows, electric entrance door, a 130,000 BTU A/C with dual compressors, evaporaters, digital temperature control, and rooftop condenser, a 65,000 BTU heater, and an Triton 6.8L V10 Gas 362 HP.

It also gets interior, exterior, and mechanical ratings of 10. Notice how practical and durable this all sounds. The bus is all about rigorous ease of no-nonsense use.

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