Industry Mourns Bob Boroday At Memorial April 19

Martin Romjue
Posted on April 19, 2017

Bob and Carla Boroday at the International LCT Show, February 2011 (LCT file photo)

Bob and Carla Boroday at the International LCT Show, February 2011 (LCT file photo)

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Bob Boroday knew how to live the limousine business. Devoted to the industry and his company, he would often comp rides for affiliates and sometimes wash cars and do chores late into the night at his South Florida operation.

Along with such dedication, he and his late wife and owning partner of Associated Car & Limousine Carla found time to join industry associations and work to improve the business climate for their fellow Florida operators.

Inspiration, mentor, helpful, and reliable are just a few of the words colleagues and longtime friends were using this week to describe Boroday, who died Sunday, April 9 at his South Florida home after battling Parkinson’s disease for a few years. He was 70 years old. A visitation and memorial service was held April 19 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Fred Hunter’s funeral home, 6301 Taft St., Hollywood, Fla.


Bob Boroday’s death comes almost exactly five years since the passing of his wife who died April 3, 2012 and whose memorial service was held April 12 that year. ARTICLE HERE

“Bob and Carla were always mentioned as 'Bob and Carla' like it was always one name,” said Bito Pimenta, the owner of Enova Transportation Network in Plantation. “One of the things you have to admire is they were dedicated to the industry in ways I didn’t even understand at times. It was their life. Even though Carla passed away in 2012, it was still ‘Bob and Carla.’”

Bob and Carla Boroday with Florida Limousine Association leaders on the night they won the 2011 LCT Association Award of Excellence in Las Vegas (LCT file photo)

Bob and Carla Boroday with Florida Limousine Association leaders on the night they won the 2011 LCT Association Award of Excellence in Las Vegas (LCT file photo)

Pimento credits the Borodays for encouraging and mentoring him while conveying the importance of participating in industry groups, such as the National Limousine Association, Taxi Limousine & Paratransit Association, and the Florida Limousine Association, which under the Borodays’ leadership won the 2011 LCT Association Award of Excellence.

“Bob was that support system for Carla running the business,” Pimento recalled. “He was a go-to guy for many things. So many times I’d go by their business at midnight or 2 a.m., and Bob would have his galoshes on while squeegeeing down the cars. Bob still drove up until not too long ago. They made many sacrifices and were the champions of limousine industry. They did what had to be done to move the industry and business forward. They’ll both be missed.”

Pimento remembered how Bob Boroday once gave him two used Lincolns when he needed more fleet vehicles right away. “They sent two cars they were going to sell and gave them to me, and Bob said ‘Pay me when you can.'” It was literally just about helping me. They didn’t want anything from me. That’s the attitude the Borodays had.”

Florida operator Renee Patt Ferraro, who now works out of her South Florida home as the affiliate manager of ZBest Transportation in Baltimore, Md., was close to Bob Boroday, often joining him for holiday meals. “I always hung out with Carla and Bob at shows,” Ferraro said. “When Carla passed away, I was there to have fun with and dance with Bob. I knew Carla wouldn’t mind.”

“Bob was always reliable and a friendly person who was there for everybody,” she said. “He was a kind-hearted soul. Carla and Bob were one of the finest couples I met. Carla taught me many things, and helped me grow in the industry. Bob was a mentor who was there for me when I needed help. He suffered a big loss when Carla died. He has been lost without her, and a different man. Everyone just loved him.”

At the memorial service for Carla Boroday five years ago, Bob spoke about their company and life’s work during their 46 years together. He recalled how Carla supported him while he was working on his Master’s degree. He laughed about how she told him on a Friday she would get a job and came back with one on Monday.

Bob Boroday started out moonlighting as a chauffeur. He said the job was alright, but you didn’t make much money. Soon, the entrepreneurial spirit sparked in Carla which led her to convince Bob to sell his brand new 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo to buy a stretch limousine. She told him they were going to be the number one company. Bob said to her they couldn’t make any money in the industry.

“This industry is dead,” Bob recalled. Carla prevailed and Bob went along. They bought what Bob called “a big boat of a Cadillac” and started their company in 1975, entering the funeral industry. The pair went from making $300 a month from Bob’s teaching job to $3,000 per month working on funerals. This led to Bob quitting his teaching position so he could forever work full time beside Carla.

(L to R): Shelly Boroday and husband Derrick Boroday, Adrian Boroday, Bob Boroday (LCT photo courtesy of Boroday family)

(L to R): Shelly Boroday and husband Derrick Boroday, Adrian Boroday, Bob Boroday (LCT photo courtesy of Boroday family)

Bob explained Carla wanted to have a family. “I don’t want to have kids,” Bob recalled, making the audience and his sons laugh. Carla again prevailed giving the couple two sons — Derrick and Adrian, who now work and help out with the family business. Derrick, his wife Shelly, and Bob have run Associated Limousine, which operates 55 vehicles serving the South Florida market, since Carla's death.

During the eulogy, Bob laughed that Carla would never stop talking. He would walk by her at 2 a.m. and she would be on the phone talking to industry friends. She always told him she was working on getting a new client. He questioned who does business at this time of night, but sure enough, more business always came in as a result of those calls. He said Carla spoke non-stop. “We drove back from California with our first stretch limousine,” he remembered. “She spoke the whole way home.”

Among the many tributes from industry colleagues:

“I am very sorry to hear we lost an industry leader and friend. To know Bob and his wife Carla was to instantly love them. They were always kind, and helped answer questions day or night. I was lucky to speak with Bob a few weeks ago. They are wonderful mentors and friends. Our sincere condolences to Shelly and the family at this time. Bob and Carla may you dance again in heaven RIP Brevard Executive Limousine.” —Wendy Kleefisch, Brevard Executive Limousine

“I had the pleasure to be Bob's good friend here in Florida. He was always an inspiration and loved the industry. He was emphatic on the independent contract issue for the state of Florida. I was privileged to work beside him in Florida and in Washington D.C. His encouragement helped my decision to be an NLA board member and represent our region. He was the life of the party and loved his gin and tonic. He was a wonderful family man and loved Carla. He stood by her side during many health issues. He loved his cars and his car collection. Bob would help you in any way he could. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.” — Dave Shaw, Olympus Limousine

“Bob Boroday was loved and admired by everyone he came in contact with. He was a kind and generous person who always gave more than he got. He was one of the founders of the Florida Limousine Association and served as president and just about every other position. Bob and his wife Carla who predeceased him built Associated Limo into one of South Florida’s biggest and most respected companies. He always had a smile on his face and a song in his heart. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Boroday family. Our grief is real. A limo legend is laid to his rest. “Grief is the price we pay for love” (Queen Elizabeth II) — Rick Versace, A1A Airport & Limousine Service

“Bob and Carla Boroday were pioneers in the industry who served in leadership positions for more than three decades. Bob's passing is truly the loss of the second half of a dynamic duo. I find peace that he and Carla are reunited forever and thankful for the guidance they provided me with" — Jim Luff, former CEO, Limousine Scene, Bakersfield, Calif.

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