Couple Finds Strong Affiliation During LCT Show

Jim Luff
Posted on March 29, 2017

VEGAS BLISS: Gary and Toni brought new meaning to the concept of affiliate speed dating (Photo provided by couple)

VEGAS BLISS: Gary and Toni brought new meaning to the concept of affiliate speed dating (Photo provided by couple)

LAS VEGAS — While some people attended the recent International LCT Show specifically to network for business, Gary Hanes and Antoinette Woodmansee took their new connection to a higher level when they decided upon an impromptu wedding during the Show.

There are just a few logistics the young couple still needs to work out, however. Hanes lives in Ft. Collins, Colo., and Woodmansee lives in Madison, Wisc. Both are employed in the industry and were brought along by their respective employers. Hanes, 30, is a chauffeur for NoCo Party Bus; Woodmansee, 22, is an office manager for Mad City Limo. Neither has ever been married.

This was their first time visiting Las Vegas, a city filled with 24-hour wedding chapels and a 24-hour county clerk’s office. It's a place famed for eloped marriages. Although many people travel to Vegas to marry, not many can claim to have met their future spouse at a professional trade show — and got married the same night.

They both sat at the same dinner table during the annual Awards Banquet. Neither paid any attention to the other. It wasn’t until later in the evening when the couple dropped in to the Amerifuels private suite party at the same time that sparks began to fly. It was a chance meeting and conversation with others about barbecued food that caused the two to lock eyes for the first time. During the discussion about barbecue, Woodmansee said to Hanes, “We need to be friends.” A few minutes later, she asked him if he knew how to cook. He told her he did indeed cook. She then said, “We should get married,” and as they say, the rest is history.

With that, Hanes’ boss ordered up a limo bus and a group of her friends and his friends headed off to the Stained Glass Chapel where they were married in a mock ceremony. Mock, because they didn’t have the required marriage license from Clark County, Nev. However, they did get one in the morning and went back for a quickie legal ceremony with license in hand.

As for the future, neither one knows what it holds. They didn’t have any dreams about what lies in the future as they had no past discussions. While they have spoken about Woodmansee moving to Ft. Collins, a move to Wisconsin might be in the future for Hanes. Woodmansee is visiting Ft. Collins this week to possibly evaluate moving there.

“I know it will be a difficult road, but like I told her I am a very dedicated man and I am committed,” Hanes says. “This is something I really want to make work. I see us eventually having our own business and running it together.”

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