Chicago Cracks Down On Illegal Party Buses

Posted on March 29, 2017

Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Partybus Buenos AIres
Mayor Rahm Emanuel will introduce a new ordinance this week that cracks down on illegal party buses in Chicago, city officials announced.

“The party is over for bus operators who don’t play by the rules in the city of Chicago,” Mayor Emanuel said in a statement. “This is a smart approach to hold problem operators accountable and boost safety on the many reputable buses throughout the city.”

CBS Chicago article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 3 years ago

    Good job chicago mayor !!!!!! To eliminate any dangerous situations everyone in a party bus needs to submit their i.d. - a person with bad intentions will behave knowing there is a copy of their picture and name with the party bus company. The operators also need to know if the vehicle is simply cruising all night. Most bars,etc dont want a bunch of drunk non paying customers in their business because they usually start problems. Your not going to pay a cover to get kicked out of a club? The bus involved in the shooting simply told the police it was a private bus (lied) to the officer Same as the hungtington beach party bus that the passengers stole items at a 7 11. Cameras are also a great mandate !!!! When your on camera you will behave and at least there will be a video on who started the problems. For insurance issues, a camera is also helpfull

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