Scammer Preying Upon More Limo Services

Posted on March 28, 2017

(Wikimedia Creative Commons image)

(Wikimedia Creative Commons image)

LOS ANGELES --- Chosen Payments was recently contacted by multiple limo operators in New Jersey, California, and Texas who recently incurred combined fraud losses of about $5,500. These are repeated occurrences of the same scam involving a single suspect who travels to the same residence in Los Angeles from LAX.

In March, Chosen Payments was contacted by Gem Limousine Worldwide to report someone had used various names and credit card numbers to fraudulently book transportation primarily between LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and a residence in the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles.

The suspect frequently redirects airport transfers to become “as directed” jobs that last several hours with stops at The Project on Hollywood Boulevard, The El Rey Theater, and area jazz clubs.

The suspect uses a mobile app to place orders with various limo operators. Upon completion of the order, the credit card is either declined after service has been rendered, or the true cardholder initiates a chargeback resulting in a loss of money to the operator. Since all of the past orders have involved a farm-out, the Los Angeles-based companies who perform the rides don’t lose any money, but the company that farmed the job out is left holding the bag.

Chosen Payments is working with Detective Michael Gentry with the LAX Police Department since the thefts technically occur at LAX at the time the ride begins or ends.

Chosen Payments advises operators to always pre-authorize a credit card, use the Address Verification System when processing cards, and have your chauffeur physically view the credit card along with a matching form of identification unless the client is an established client.

Additionally, Chosen Payments would like to share information specifically for Los Angeles based operators who might find themselves in the same situation. Gem is no longer accepting these orders and most recently, Concorde Worldwide, also based in New Jersey, was the latest victim.

“It is important we work together as an industry to locate this criminal and bring him to justice,” said Jeff Brodsly, president and CEO of Chosen Payments.

The suspect uses the following names: Aren Carter, Aren Green, Jason Friedman, and Paul LeRoy.

The most frequent addresses for pick-ups and drops offs are: 6459 Rodgerton and 822 No. Formosa in Los Angeles.

Should any operator take an order that may be associated with this suspect or these addresses, please contact Detective Michael Gentry with the LAX PD at (424) 646-8351 or contact Jim Luff at Chosen Payments at (805) 427-9180 or [email protected]

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