Central Florida Group Acquires New Domain Name

Posted on March 22, 2017

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Central Florida Livery Association is elevating its brand with the recent purchase of the domain name, home to the non-profit trade group’s website.

"We always wanted since day one and our board unfortunately voted against the idea last year due to financial circumstances,” said Wendy Kleefisch, president of the new association. “It was a bit early for us. I was so bummed we could not initially afford to buy it."

When Rental Limo / CEO Ryan Hilberth joined the CFLA board as a vendor director this month, the first thing he did was spruce up the website's design and bring in new vendor sponsorship money, followed by advising the CFLA to seriously consider the acquisition of the domain.

CFLA President Wendy Kleefisch (LCT photo)

CFLA President Wendy Kleefisch (LCT photo)

"Looking at other marquee limo associations such as the NLA, GCLA, and LANJ using 4-letter dot ORG domains, it was a no-brainer that we needed to figure out how to get this domain name ASAP for the CFLA," Hilberth said.

After raising the funds necessary to make the deal happen, the board voted again recently on the initiative, this time deciding to invest heavily in the CFLA's online home once and for all. The deal closed March 10.

The new domain name will make the CFLA's website URL of more memorable while increasing the association's search engine rankings for the moniker 'CFLA.' This purchase also shortens the existing domain name by 15 characters, allowing for much less typing to send an email or visit the CFLA website.

Rental Limo / CEO and CFLA vendor board director Ryan Hilberth (LCT photo)

Rental Limo / CEO and CFLA vendor board director Ryan Hilberth (LCT photo)

“Every CFLA board member will have their own unique email and you all can email me at [email protected] instead of [email protected] soon," said Kleefisch, who is both excited and relieved to finally pull the trigger on the domain.

“They say to trust your gut instinct, and ever since the beginning of the CFLA, I had my eyes set on as the future dream home for our association's website. I am so happy to be able to say that this mission is complete."

On March 7, the CFLA held its vendor appreciation meeting to allow vendor members a chance to share swag items and an elevator pitch to its members. Bill Battisti from Battisti Customs sponsored the meeting as the guest speaker. Before the last meeting, Mike and Marlo Denning of Elegant Limousines took delivery from Battisti of a heavily-customized Ford Transit featuring their company logo illuminated as the Sprinter's front emblem.

The next CFLA meeting will be held April 11. Need more information? Where else, but

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