Sister Duo Absorbs What Industry Offers

Lexi Tucker
Posted on March 22, 2017

Briana and Chelsea Candeub love attending networking and educational events together.

Briana and Chelsea Candeub love attending networking and educational events together.

TREVOSE, Pa. — People often have the misconception that when your parent is also your boss, you have it a lot easier than the average employee. However, Briana and Chelsea Candeub of Park Avenue Limousine can attest this is not the case. “While most employees may think we can get away with more, it’s actually quite the opposite,” says Briana, who works in sales.

“When you live with your boss and he comes into your room and asks if you can work tomorrow at six even though you worked the night before until 12, it’s hard to say no,” says Chelsea, who works in the company’s accounting department. The sisters’ father and company owner, Alan Candeub, puts pressure on them, but in a way meant to prepare them for the future.

Learn From Your Elders

Briana says networking is vital, especially for someone who’s just starting out in the industry. While the International LCT Show goes a long way in helping operators gain worldwide connections, it’s also important to connect with local chapters and groups not necessarily related to the industry. “Don’t get discouraged if some events you go to aren’t home runs; anything helps to get your name out there,” she explains.

Chelsea has learned hard work really does pay off. Going the extra mile and having something to show for it is excellent motivation. But she warns others to not let a few successes get to their heads; be realistic and don’t do anything you’re not sure you can handle. “Watching my Dad, I know for every decision he makes, he thinks out every step. He doesn’t just jump into something because every other company is doing it.”

Student Becomes The Teacher

Just as younger generations can learn from industry veterans, Millennials bring their own insights to the table; Briana believes they have great vision. “We’re a little impatient and always looking toward the future. It can be both a negative and a positive.”

A positive aspect of being forward thinking is it gives birth to fresh ideas, Chelsea says. “The new things we learn in college and using social media really help expand the capabilities of the luxury ground transportation industry.”

While Millennials might still have a lot to learn about the industry, she says the best way to do so is to be curious. “There’s no such thing as asking too many questions — that’s how you learn.”

All In The Family

While neither of the girls grew up with a dream of being involved in their father’s company, they have learned to love working as a family. “Neither of us were ever pressured to come into the business, but we knew the option was always there,” Briana says. The sisters say he was always fine with them choosing their own path, and supported their future goals.

Together, they work extremely well. “Everyone always says ‘I can’t believe you work with your family and hang out with them all the time,’ but I really wouldn’t want it any other way. We know how to separate work from home life and it’s been working out really well,” Chelsea says.

Briana wanted to be in the performing arts world, and first went to college for dance. Unfortunately, she got into a serious car accident and had to switch majors, but she always wanted to own her own business.

Chelsea wanted to work with kids, but as she began work for her father’s company she discovered she really enjoyed learning about the industry, and decided pretty early on that’s what she wanted to do. She took communications classes and others she knew she could apply to all different aspects of the company. In addition to helping out at Park Avenue, she babysits and volunteers with children so she gets the best of both worlds.

Tag Teaming To Improve

When it comes to setting their company apart in an area that’s packed with competition, they always try to push the bar of service higher. While providing impeccable service might sound like an obvious answer, the sisters believe that’s why affiliates across the country use their company.

“It’s generic, but it’s the most important aspect of being in this industry. Anyone can spend money on new vehicles or a good looking chauffeur, but what makes those products shine even more is the training behind everything…the little things chauffeurs put in the car to make everything just a bit more special that we don’t even ask them to do,” Briana says.

Chelsea provided an example: “If one of our chauffeurs knows someone is returning from a long business trip, they’ll make sure there are teddy bears waiting in the car the client can bring home to his kids. We want to do the thinking for people so they don’t have to—they can just enjoy the ride.”

Stepping Up Their Game

In the near future, the sisters plan to get more involved with motorcoaches. They’ve already bought two, but want to expand at a rate they can handle. They also want to continue their limo education. “It’s crazy how much you can learn in a little bit of time.

This is my father’s fourth child after us and my brother. As a person and as a businessman, he’s both of our role models. The end game is for him to have to take on fewer responsibilities and for us to take on more.”

Chelsea believes working with family actually gives the company a competitive advantage. “I know some people think it’s a bad idea, but it really works in our favor. We can sit down and bounce ideas off each other, then bring them to our dad. I just want us all to keep working together as a great team and have good things come out of it.”

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